Play Therapy Games

Age Group
  • Photo Feelings Fun Deck
    Photos of seven basic emotions appear in this feeling-filled Fun Deck. The photo cards have no label..
  • Magnetic Matching Game
    This magnetic matching game features 32 magnetic tiles with a magnetic board, perfect for travel or ..
  • Friendship Dominoes
    by Franklin Rubenstein PhDFriendship Dominoes helps to show players how to make new friends, be a go..
  • Emo Moogy
    Emo Moogy is a game to help children identify emotions through the silly character Moogy. Recommende..
  • You Can Control Your Anger Spinner Game Book
    Games are a great way to help children learn anger control, but most games take time to set up and a..
  • Feeling Elf Cards
    Make teaching about feelings fun with this set of whimsical elves!Includes directions for 12 differe..
    $8.99 $9.95
  • What If in a Jar
    Help kids hone their decision-making skills and practice making good choices with 101 thought-provok..
    $8.99 $9.99
  • Figurative Language in a Jar
    Makes a great warmup activity or conversation starter or to help clients understand to understand an..
  • First Impressions: A Cooperative Group Game
    4-20 players. Ages 12 through adult.  The game that has everyone talking!Often we form first impress..
    $14.97 $16.50
  • Anger Control Problem-Solving Cards
    Anger Control Problem Solving Cards define problems experienced in a variety of settings and enable ..
  • Let's Talk About Feelings: Three Game Bundle
    Mixed Emotions GameThat's a Good Question: Speak from the Heart EditionFeelings FlyerA boxed feeling..
  • Meet & Greet Thumball
    Players toss the ball and respond to the panel under their thumb. Share ideas, experiences and perso..
    $13.99 $15.99
  • Feeling Good Board Game
    by Crystal Barber  Sometimes we need a little help to feel good about ourselves, whether it's a comp..
  • The Bullying Game
    by Berthold Berg, Ph.D.The Bullying Game is an effective intervention program because it focuses on ..
  • Teens Out-of-the-Box Coping Skills Card Deck
    As teens mature, their sources of stress can grow too. The activities in Teens – Out-of-the-Box Copi..
  • Awesome Affirmations
    Includes 50 colorfully illustrated cards printed on postcard-size perforated card stock as well as a..
    $13.99 $14.95
  • Rules & Reasons Board Game
    Proactively teaches children the consequences of breaking rulesTeaches problem-solving skillsProvidi..
  • Little Box of Peace
    Cute as a button, this tiny little tin contains 72 word magnets with uplifting words such as: togeth..
    $5.99 $7.95
  • Listening Lotto: Faces and Feelings  Game
    An interactive way to learn expression, feelings, and tone, Listening Lotto: Faces and Feelings Boar..
  • Scared Pancakes
    Scared Pancakes is a game to help children cope with fears. For 2-6 players. Game includes 2 flipper..
  • Choices: A Cooperative Game About Moral Dilemmas
    Ages 2 through adult. 4+ players.A values oriented, moral dilemma game of discussion and evaluation ..
    $10.97 $13.50
  • Mixed Emotions Junior
    The colorful Mixed Emotions "Junior" feelings chart and people pawns provide an engaging tool for yo..
    $10.99 $12.99
  • Heartbeats: A Game for Teens in Difficult Circumstances
    by Kendra Lince Davis, M.A.Ages 10-18. 2-6 players. Based on decades of experience with disadvantage..
    $31.97 $48.97
  • Guy Talk In a Jar
    Designed just for guys, here are 100 questions to get you thinking about what you believe in, who yo..
    $8.99 $9.99
  • Ice Breakers in a Jar
    101 cards, each with three engaging questions, help kids break the ice in new situations and develop..
    $8.99 $9.99
  • Brain Boosters for Groups Jar: Brain-Enhancing Activities for Teens
    Fun, fast paced group activities designed to get any group of teens having fun and talking. Makes a ..
    $10.99 $11.99
  • The Upside Down Divorce Board Game
    Teach children new coping skillsChallenge players to find creative solutions to problemsFor 2-4 play..
  • Little Box of Awesome
    Cute as a button, this tiny little tin contains 72 word magnets with uplifting words such as: absolu..
    $5.99 $7.95
  • Peacemakers
    Using a deck of 42 animal themed cards that consist of affirming statements and actions, Peacemakers..
  • Webber Photo Cards and Mirrors
     The Webber® Photo Cards include people of different ethnicity, genders, and ages. There are no word..
  • Feelings Flyer
    Help your clients understand emotions and identify feelings. Made of ultra-soft foam is a foam disk ..
  • The Art of Children's Conversation
    The Art of Children's Conversation is the perfect way for children to become great communicators as ..
  • The Art of Conversation
    With over 300 fascinating conversation-starting cards, The Art of Conversation is the game everybody..
  • Magnetic Kids Story Maker
    This kit is a colorful collection of magnetic word and phrase tiles chosen to lead kids toward fun a..
    $14.99 $17.95
  • Teen Friendship Card Deck
    The Teen Friendship Card Deck is designed to facilitate discussion and development of friendship ski..
  • Teen Anger Group Starter Card Deck
    The Teen Anger Group Starter Card Deck is designed to facilitate discussion and development of anger..
  • The Scoop on Good Behavior Game
    Ages 5-8. The Scoop on Good Behavior Game encourages young children to learn and use appropriate beh..
    $13.99 $16.95
  • Anger Control Activities for Teens
    by Ken Smith, Arden MartenzAges 12-18. Fifty reproducible activities that enable teens to understand..
    $12.99 $14.95
  • Teen Choices Card Deck
    Need a creative way to start your session? Use the Teen Choices Card Deck. The open-ended questions ..
  • Motivation Card Deck
    Need a creative way to start your session? Use the Motivation Card Deck. The open-ended questions wi..
  • Acting Out Card Deck - Elementary Version
    60 role playing activities for elementary agesActing Out allows students to use the scene suggestion..
    $18.99 $19.95
  • Courage to Admit Board Game
    By: Tonia Caselman and Joshua CantwellIn order to work on improving a problem, one must first admit ..
    $18.99 $19.99
  • Mindful Living Card Deck
    56 Practices to Feel Calm, Balanced, Happy & PresentAt home and at work, science has shown that deve..
    $18.99 $19.99
  • Test Buster Thumball
    Grades 7-18. Players read and respond to prompts about how to improve their test taking attitudes an..
    $13.99 $14.95
  • Feelings Fun Dominoes
    Players have fun playing dominoes while learning how to express positive and negative feelings appro..
  • Best, Worst and First Thumball
    Compare and contrast life events with each other. Share stories about best, worst or first memories...
  • Cause and Effect Fun Deck
    Set of 56 vivid cards to help children predict outcomes and recognize cause and effect relationships..
  • Pocket Ungame - Seniors Version
    The World’s Most Popular Self Expression Game!For older adults. 2-5 players. Pocket Ungame Seniors V..
  • Managing Moods for Teens Card Deck
    Managing Moods for Teens Card Deck is designed to help teens connect with their emotions and guide t..
  • Entertainment Talk Thumball
    Players share their opinions of favorite films, books, and TV shows in a fun, stimulating way. Use E..
  • The Self Control Card Game
    This clever game approaches self-control in two ways. As players respond to question cards, they thi..
  • Dr. PlayWell's Coping With Stress Card Game
    Teaches children how to handle stress and stressful situationsTechniques include deep breathing, mus..
  • Nice to Meet Cards
    People often believe that they are good at establishing relationships, but in developing those relat..
  • Celtic Mandalynth Travel Cards 10-Pack
    Pack of 10 full color cards in Celtic designs measure 5"x7" for portability.  Trace with your finger..
  • Remote Control Anger Control Card Game
    by Franklin Rubenstein PhDThis set of four card games teaches three essential anger control skills: ..
  • Teen Communication Skills Card Deck
    Need a creative way to start your session? Use the Teen Communication Skills Card Deck. The open-end..
  • Dr. PlayWell's Controlling Your Anger Card Game
    Help kids take control of their anger before it takes control of them. This game teaches children ho..
  • Mancala
    One of the oldest known games, players compete to capture all of their opponents' stones. This quali..
    $17.99 $19.99
  • Riddles In a Jar
    "What has 18 legs and catches flies? Answer: A baseball team.""How can you touch the floor without s..
  • Little Box of Cheer
    Cute as a button, this tiny little tin contains 72 word magnets with uplifting words such as: celebr..
    $5.99 $7.95