Dress Up

  • Slip On Black Mask
    Made of strong feltStretchy bandHandmade soft mask with reinforced eyelets. The stretchy cord enable..
    $4.99 $7.99
  • Emerald Playsilk
    A beautiful emerald colored 35" square of dyed silk for countless uses in your playroom. Hand dyed a..
  • Ocean Playsilk
    This playsilk is teal and blue to represent the ocean. Children will enjoy the endless possibilities..
  • Knight Role Play Set
    Four piece setRecommended age 3-7 years A well-made costume for the enchanting knight in your playro..
    $24.99 $29.99
  • Red and Blue Reversible Cape
    This blue and red reversible cape is like two in one. Hand made with a soft, silky fabric, your litt..
  • Deluxe Pink Superhero Cape & Mask
    Fully-lined washable velvet cape with quality velcro closures and pink mask with velcro for easy off..
  • Police Officer Role Play Set
    8 piece setAges 3-6 yearsHighly rated eight piece role play set. The police jacket has a belt for ha..
    $24.99 $29.99
  • Royal Blue Playsilk
    A beautiful royal blue colored 35" square of dyed silk for countless uses in your playroom. Hand dye..
  • Rainbow Cape
    A soft, rainbow colored silk cape for dress up and role play. Cape is made of silk and hand dyed. El..
  • Ninja Vest Hoodie
    This ninja vest hoodie will slip right over clothes and instantly transform children into a brave ni..
  • Fire Chief Role Play Set
    6 piece setAges 3-6 yearsA high quality fire chief role play set with lots of detail. Red jacket is ..
    $25.99 $29.99
  • Dragon Cloak
    A green velvet cape with soft scales and elastic loops for thumbs create wings. One size fits averag..
    $24.99 $29.99
  • Deluxe Wizard Hat
    A dark blue wizard hat with silver moon and stars and brim. Hat measures 18" in height and 23" circu..
  • Sword and Shield Set
    This high quality dense foam shield and sword is designed for safety and longevity. Perfect knight a..
  • Enchanted Rainbow Playsilk
    A beautiful 35"x35" rainbow dyed silk for countless uses in your playroom. This playsilk may be used..
  • Black Cloak
    Unlimited uses for this black cloak in your playroom. Whether a magician, wizard or villain your cli..
    $17.99 $19.99
  • Pretend and Play Doctor Play Set
    3 Piece SetAges 3-6 years oldAn inexpensive doctor role play set that's also great for the therapist..
    $15.99 $19.99
  • Sparkle Tiara
    Bring the royalty to your playroom with this sparkly tiara. Plastic tiara has jewels and feathers. C..
  • Nurse Role Play Costume
    Hospital scrubs with i.d. tagStethoscope, ear scope, thermometer, and syringeSoft baby included with..
    $23.99 $29.99
  • Colorful Scarves (Set of 6)
    Six brightly colored, semi-shear scarves for play and dress up. Twirl 'em, make a cape, create a pic..
  • Pirate Hat and Eye Patch
    A soft rubber eye patch and felt pirate hat with gold trim for role play and dress up. One size fits..
  • Doctor Role Play Costume
    9 piece setAges 3-6 yearsLots of extras provided in this role play set! A lab coat, surgical mask, t..
    $23.99 $29.99
  • Sky Blue Playsilk
    A beautiful sky blue colored 35" square of dyed silk for countless uses in your playroom. Hand dyed ..
  • Princess Dress-Up Set
    3 piece set includes gown, wand, crownA satiny gown, princess crown, and wand will make her feel lik..
  • Police Helmet
    Bad guys won't stand a chance of escape when your clients dress up as a police officer with this lig..
  • Style It! (6 Piece Set)
    Your clients will enjoy this kid-sized version of grooming essentials. Six piece set includes a stor..
    $16.99 $24.99
  • Green Dragon Wing & Mask Set
    Fire not included but who needs it with this ornate wing and mask set? Give children the opportunity..
  • Foam Pirate Sword
    Pirate sword with handle for aggressive play. Made of strong foam for safety. 18" total length...
  • Rainbow Skirt
    A slip on fairy silk skirt in bright bold colors for dress up. Clients can slip skirt right over the..
  • Soft Sword
    Soft, stiff sword is fun for combat and pretend play without fear of injury. Bright colored sword ha..
  • Rose Playsilk
    A beautiful 35" square of dyed silk for countless uses in your playroom. Hand dyed and sewn in the U..
  • Rainbow Streamer
    Beautiful rainbow colored silk streamer on a wood wand. Nine feet of silk on an 18" wooden wand is a..
  • Cowboy Hat
    A child sized cowboy hat with a chin strap. Colors are assorted. Fits most children, made of straw. ..
  • Deluxe Pink Fairy Wings
    Durable wire rimmed fairy wings with glitter accents and a center flower feature soft elastic straps..
  • Pink Cloak
    This pink cloak slips right over other clothing to instantly transform children into a princess, a d..
  • Flame Sword
    The flaming blade of this sword makes it a unique toy for the playroom. Children may liken it to mag..
  • Pink Sword
    Sturdy pink sword is made of soft but resistant multi-layer Eva foam. Not your typical sword, we lov..
  • Doctor Vest
    A non woven fabric vest for dress up and role play. Doctor vest will fit most children...
  • Beautician Apron
    This play apron is great for the budding beautician to explore in your playroom. One size fits most...
  • Princess Cone Hat
    A sturdy pink foam hat with chin strap and flowing scarf for pretend play. Adorned with a jewel; one..
  • Tie-Back Black Mask
    Made of fabricTies in backThis soft black mask is versatile for role play. Lone Ranger style mask ti..
  • White Boa
    This white feather boa will make any child feel glamorous. Measures 3"...
  • Queen's Gold Crown
    This golden crown is fit for a queen and adorned with a teardrop gem in the middle. Made of durable ..
  • Knight Helmet
    A hard plastic knight helmet with moveable eye shield for role play and dress up. Child sized helmet..
  • Bride Costume
    A beautiful white gown adorned with gold trim and ribbons will make any young girl feel special. Lov..
  • Engineer Dress-Up Set
    7 piece set All aboard! A seven piece set including smock, cap, plastic hammer, wrench, walk..
  • Black Knight Vest & Helmet
    This two piece set will turn any child into a brave knight. We love costumes of bravery and the soft..
  • Reversible Crown
    A touch of royalty for dress up or role play, this reversible silk crown is embellished with jewels...
    $18.79 $20.99
  • Round Wizard Glasses
    Whether dressing up as Harry Potter or general play, these oversized round glasses will make everyth..
  • Pirate Cape
    An easy-on black pirate cape fastens with velcro closure. One size fits most children aged 3-8 years..
  • Galaxy Hat
    This astronomy-inspired hat may spark galactic adventures in your playroom. Easy to take on and off,..
    $10.99 $12.99
  • Slip On Yellow Mask
    Made of strong feltStretchy bandHandmade soft mask with reinforced eyelets. The stretchy cord enable..
  • Deluxe Firefighter Helmet
    This well constructed firefighter helmet features an adjustable strap for sizing and visor that move..
  • Rainbow Veil
    Enable your clients to dress up as a princess, bride, genie, bird, and more with this silk rainbow v..
  • Red & Gold Knight Tunic
    A slip on gold silk tunic with attached cape and belt for fantasy play. Children can pretend to a be..
  • Wild West Vest Hoodie
    Easy on/easy off hoodie is a great piece for the budding sheriff. One piece vest includes a hoodie a..
  • Economy Pink Superhero Cape
    Your clients can reveal the superhero within using our superhero dress up cape. One size fits all ch..
    $4.29 $4.99
  • Zorro Mask
    A black tie-back mask with gold imprint.  Excellent for child-led play. Recommended age 3+..
  • Mermaid Costume
    This shimmery mermaid costume will ease dress up time with it's two pieces. Purple shaded top with j..
    $11.97 $22.97
  • Write and Wipe Mirrors (Set of 4)
    Set of four write and wipe mirrors to encourage emotional and body awareness and self expression. 5"..
    $19.99 $24.99