Wooden Sand Trays

Basic Wooden Sandtray with Lid

Basic Wooden Sand Tray with Lid

Have more Sandplay aspirations than you have free cash? We got you covered. Our Basic Wooden Sand Tray is only $99.99. Did we mention the lid is included?
Portable Wooden Sandtray with Lid

Portable Wooden Sandtray with Lid

Just because you want to go portable doesn't mean you don't deserve a wooden tray. Get the best of both worlds with our exclusive portable wood tray.
Personal Wooden Sandtray with Lid

Personal Wooden Sand Tray

Little bitty, the perfect size for one
Basic Wooden Sandtray with Lid

Octagonal Wooden Sandtray with Lid

A quality wood tray, now with more 22.5-degree angles!

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Miscellaneous Sand Trays & Furniture

  • Portable Sand Tray Add-On Kit
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    $44.99 $54.99
  • Sand Table with Chairs
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  • Desktop Zen Sand Tray: Aroma Essence
    Small traySands Alive sand, moldable and stretchy sand3 accessoriesZen sand trays have been in use f..
  • Miniature Storage Tray
    Small wooden storage tray is great for keeping the tiniest miniatures organized and easy for the cli..
  • Micro Sand Tray & Rake
    Super small wood trayRakeSandThis cute desktop set is ideal for the therapist with limited space or ..