Aggression Play

  • Mashoonga Foam Bats
    Set of two 33" long bats can be used as sabers or swords for play therapy. Mashoonga can be stored w..
    $37.99 $38.99
  • Army Strike Force
    Set of 48 classic army men in a tub for play or sand tray. Assorted poses, green and tan. Each piece..
  • Small Dart Gun: Nerf Jolt
    Nerf Gun with two dartsSmall Nerf gun with two darts. Cocking handle. Pull trigger to shoot. Recomme..
  • Bozo Bop Bag
    46 inches tallSand-weighted baseSlightly taller than our other bop bags with a sand-weighted base. B..
    $16.99 $19.99
  • Soft Sword
    Soft, stiff sword is fun for combat and pretend play without fear of injury. Bright colored sword ha..
  • Police Station (10 Piece Set)
    Includes a police station, officers, suspect and furnitureMade of durable, safe wood. Station measur..
    $49.99 $59.99
  • Blue Knight Sword
    Made from sturdy and rugged high-quality EVA foam, this vividly-colored blue knight sword is worthy ..
  • Dragon Hand Puppet
    This realistic stretchy rubber dragon hand puppet is useful for injecting a bit of fire breathing in..
    $4.99 $5.99
  • Pink Sword
    Sturdy pink sword is made of soft but resistant multi-layer Eva foam. Not your typical sword, we lov..
  • Deluxe Metal Handcuffs
    A pair of sturdy metal handcuffs, as recommended by trained play therapists. With the ease of quick-..
  • Zip Shot Shooter
    We love this zip shot shooter with 12 foam discs for your playroom. If you're on the fence about off..
    $8.99 $9.99
  • Shark Hand Puppet
    A very aggressive puppet. Shark Hand Puppet is made of stretchy TPR rubber for maximum playability. ..
  • Metal Toy Gun
    Great for aggressive play and role play, this die cast gun has a heavy feel for added realism. No so..
    $9.99 $12.99
  • Power Bop Bag
    Take your bopping to a new level with the Socker Bopper Power Bag! Featuring durable construction an..
  • Slip On Black Mask
    Made of strong feltStretchy bandHandmade soft mask with reinforced eyelets. The stretchy cord enable..
    $2.99 $3.99
  • Sword and Shield Set
    This high quality dense foam shield and sword is designed for safety and longevity. Perfect knight a..
  • Pound-a-Peg
    A timeless classic, this  pounding toy is perfect for your playroom. Inspires creativity, builds coo..
    $9.99 $14.99
  • Rubber Knife
    A classic toy for play therapy, this realistic looking rubber knife has a soft 5"  blade. Total leng..
  • Foam Pirate Sword
    Pirate sword with handle for aggressive play. Made of strong foam for safety. 18" total length...
  • Black Cloak
    Unlimited uses for this black cloak in your playroom. Whether a magician, wizard or villain your cli..
    $17.99 $19.99
  • Punching Bag and Gloves
    15" punching bag includes a long rope to hang it just about anywhere. Includes two gloves sized to f..
    $19.99 $29.99
  • Tie-Back Black Mask
    Made of fabricTies in backThis soft black mask is versatile for role play. Lone Ranger style mask ti..
  • Pull Back Tank
    Camouflage design tank with pull back action and movable cannon. Colors are assorted and tank measur..
  • Rope
    An eight foot section of braided rope with tied ends make it easy to grab. You and your clients will..
    $4.79 $4.99
  • Economy Metal Handcuffs
    Handcuffs feature strong, all-metal construction and include a set of metal keys. Include safety rel..
  • Jumbo Army Men (8 Pieces)
    Can be used for play therapy or sand tray8 pieces, each approximately 4" tallEight larger sized sold..
  • Shark Finger Puppet
    Tiny realistic shark finger puppet. Grip it with your index finger and thumb to reveal its ferocious..
  • Stretchy Snake
    This large sized play snake uncoils to an impressive 23" long. This toy may be displayed with other ..
    $3.49 $3.99
  • Police Badge
    This chrome all-metal badge is perfect for little police officers. Great for role play and aggressio..
  • 75 Elite Darts for Dart Gun
    Extra 75 darts for Nerf small or large dart gun. You know some darts will eventually get lost, stock..
    $13.97 $23.97
  • Galactic Red Laser Weapon
    A durable foam green saber with white stripe down the middle will endure hours of play. Measures 2 f..
  • Bendable Soldier
    Two piece set! Soldier in combat fatigue with removable assault rifle. You may want a few for sand t..
  • Ray Guns (set of 2)
    A set of two ray guns for play therapy. Actually squirt guns, these are a useful aggression tool tha..
  • Flame Sword
    The flaming blade of this sword makes it a unique toy for the playroom. Children may liken it to mag..
  • Cosmic Shock Phaser
    Have a blast with the intergalactic Cosmic Shock Phazer. Great when you need a gun that isn't realis..
    $7.99 $9.99
  • Galactic Green Laser Weapon
    A durable foam green saber with white stripe down the middle will endure hours of play. Measures 2 f..
  • Toy Drum
    Lead the band with a strong beat on this classic tin drum! With an adjustable strap and two wooden d..
  • Slip On Yellow Mask
    Made of strong feltStretchy bandHandmade soft mask with reinforced eyelets. The stretchy cord enable..
  • Sheriff Badge
    This 3" metal clip-on badge is great for aggression and role play. Durable badge is sure to last man..
  • Tank
    A green army tank for sand tray therapy or play therapy toy. Turret rotates. Tank is made in U.S.A. ..
  • Socker Bopper Inflatable Gloves
    These air inflated vinyl gloves are more fun than a pillow fight! Just blow them up and get ready to..
  • Classic Clown Bop Bag
    Add sand or water to the bottom flap, inflate the top, and you're ready to go! Knock him down over a..
    $10.99 $12.99
  • Knight Helmet
    A hard plastic knight helmet with moveable eye shield for role play and dress up. Child sized helmet..
  • 30 Elite Darts for Nerf Dart Gun
    Thirty darts for any N-Strike Elite Nerf® Blaster and suitable refill darts for small or large dart ..
  • Knight Role Play Set
    Four piece setRecommended age 3-7 years A well-made costume for the enchanting knight in your playro..
    $24.99 $29.99
  • Nerf Elite Triad Dart Gun
    Compact yet powerful three dart blaster. Pull down the handle and it's ready to fire. Uses standard ..
  • Black Knight Vest & Helmet
    This two piece set will turn any child into a brave knight. We love costumes of bravery and the soft..
  • Red & Gold Knight Tunic
    A slip on gold silk tunic with attached cape and belt for fantasy play. Children can pretend to a be..