Playroom Furnishings

  • I Heart Play Therapy Shirt
    Proclaim your love for the healing power of play therapy anytime, anywhere with this attractive T-sh..
  • Turtle Seat
    NOTE: Not available for expedited or international shipping options Provide a safe and quiet, pla..
    $119.99 $129.99
  • Kid's Wooden Art Easel
    Crayola Kid's Wooden Art Easels is the perfect tool to help kids create and display their colorful d..
    $62.99 $69.99
  • Puppet Tree Large
    Pictures cannot do this puppet tree justice! It is huge! Holds up to 26 hand puppets. Your clients w..
    $47.99 $56.99
  • Conair Sound Therapy Machine
    Compact machine features a variety of soothing, white noise sounds. Includes a power cord, or can be..
  • Desktop Zen Sand Tray: Inner Reflections
    Known for their stress relieving properties, zen sand trays have been in use for centuries. Small de..
  • Volcanic Eruptions Motion Bubbler
    Invert the bubbler for a few seconds, then turn over and watch the volcano erupt for two minutes. A ..
  • Sand in Motion
    A visually relaxing sandscape that may help calm people with anxiety or autism. Sand art comes in as..
  • Liquid Motion Bubbler
    A liquid motion bubbler with two colors of liquid inside. A useful toy for distraction. Colors vary,..
  • 2 Station Art Easel with Storage
    NOTE: This item is not available for international or expedited shipping options.Keep art supplies o..
    $279.99 $288.61
  • Tabletop Puppet Theater
    Lightweight, folds flat when not in useVelvet curtain rolls up and downEasy to assembleThis tabletop..
    $39.99 $49.99
  • Portable White Noise Sound Machine
    Use the Portable White Noise Machine to create a peaceful environment or for relaxation. Equipped wi..
  • Deluxe Sand Timers (Set of 3)
    This set includes a 1 minute, 3 minute, and 5 minute timer. Each large-sized timer is color coded. 6..
  • Large Drying Rack
    Let artwork dry without hogging all of your table space! Up to 15 paintings can dry at a time on thi..
    $114.99 $129.99
  • Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser
    Simply add water and 100% pure essential oils to the diffuser for hours of natural aroma. Includes a..
  • How Are You Feeling Today Poster
    Kids, teens, and even a few playful adults will enjoy the fun illustrations of thirty feelings faces..
  • Dragonfly Seating set of 5
    NOTE: This item is not available for international or expedited shipping optionsTransform your space..
    $479.99 $579.99
  • Birch Reading Nook
    This cozy nook is the perfect space for little ones to enjoy quiet time. Sturdy shelves neatly displ..
    $699.99 $761.67
  • Beach Ball Lounger
    Note: not available for international or expedited shipping optionsFun Beach Ball Lounger offers rel..
    $139.99 $169.75
  • 4 Station Art Easel with Storage
    Four artists at once: the possibilities are limitless! Art center includes 5 storage areas for paint..
    $649.99 $750.46
  • Painter's Stool 8 Piece Set
    NOTE: This item is not available for international and expedited shipping methodsA great seating opt..
    $459.99 $579.99
  • Reading Bench with Storage
    Create an inviting spot for reading with this versatile bench. Bench is constructed of solid Baltic ..
    $519.99 $547.99
  • Value Stack Chairs - set of 4
    NOTE: This product is not available for international or expedited shipping optionsValue Stack Chair..
    $99.99 $106.02
  • Arts & Crafts Table
    NOTE: This item is not available for international or expedited shipping optionsFor ages 6-12. All-i..
    $499.99 $537.16
  • Economy Book Display
    Features upper book shelves and a handy storage shelf on the bottom. Constructed of 5/8" thick maple..
    $114.99 $126.99
  • Set of 2 Modular Seats
    NOTE: This item is not available for expedited or international shipping options.Provide cozy social..
    $124.99 $135.68
  • Pod Pillow
    NOTE: This item not available for expedited or international shipping optionsPerfect for reading and..
    $79.99 $96.63
  • Book Storage Center
    NOTE: This item is not available for expedited or international shipping options.Versatile 2-sided c..
    $579.99 $607.36
  • Book Display
    4” deep shelves accommodate a large collection of books-cover sides out! Constructed of 11-ply birch..
    $229.99 $277.97
  • Deluxe Tabletop Easel and Accessories
    New Design! A double-sided tabletop easel, featuring a magnetic dry-erase board on one side, and a c..
    $34.99 $39.99
  • Time Tracker Mini
    Visual and auditory reminders, for you and your young clientsOperates with two easy dialsThree AA ba..
    $19.99 $22.99
  • Two Shelf Storage Cabinet
    Two shelf storage unit for books, toys, games, or miniaturesLow shelving unit for children's easy ac..
    $174.99 $200.00
  • Mini Liquid Hourglass
    A small handheld liquid bubbler. Mini hourglass is a one minute timer and a good size for travel. Co..
  • Deluxe Wooden Standing Art Easel
    Dual-Sided Art EaselEasy AssemblyIncludes dry-erase board, chalkboard, locking paper-roll holder, ch..
  • Stop Think Choose Poster
    Adapted from the Safe & Caring Schools® series, this colorful, durable, high-gloss classroom poster ..
  • Healing Words Magnetic Poetry Kit
    Tap into the positive and encouraging power of the healing process with this collection of magnetic ..
  • Sequin Pillow
    Plop one or two sequin pillows on chairs for your clients and get ready for your clients to feel mor..
  • Mood Dude Set (Original)
    Five fun faces to squish. Numerous uses of these five faces include conversation starters, feelings ..
  • Mood Dude Set (Ethnic)
    Five fun faces to squish. Numerous uses of these five faces include conversation starters, feelings ..
  • Kid-Drawn Emotions Poster Set
    The Kid-Drawn Emotions Poster Set includes 16 cut-apart emotion cards (7.5” x 16” each), 16 emotion ..
  • Happiness Magnetic Poetry Kit
    This set of magnetic tiles includes over 200 uplifting, joy-filled words to build sentences, phrases..
  • Puppet Theater with Dry Erase & Storage
    Made of birch hardwood and 5 shelves for storageStage curtains and dry erase panelsSet the stage for..
  • Playhouse Cube
    Create a secret hiding place or reading nookDurable birch finishChildren will enjoy creating a secre..
  • Water Wheel Timer
    These water wheel timers have so many uses in the playroom. With an approximate 2 minute drip time, ..
  • Children's Emotions Poster
    This colorful poster has children demonstrating 16 different emotions: happy, afraid, guilty, excite..
  • Me Magnets
    Includes over 200 magnets in a small tin, perfect for travelUse with teens, adults, families for sel..
    $18.99 $19.99
  • Corner Shelving Unit
    30" corner shelving unit to maximize spaceFour casters for mobilityStore books, media, toys, or game..
    $244.97 $260.00
  • Sit or Step Stool
    Can be assembled as a stool or rounded stepStorage shelfHardwood,   15.00" x 15.30" x 13.20"You pick..
    $59.99 $70.00
  • Feelings Poster Set (set of 5)
    Encourage early social skills and help children communicate their own feelings with this great set. ..
  • Musical Soother with Soft Lights (Glow to Sleep)
    A musical soother with calming sounds and soft lights for your playroom. Includes ten soothing sound..
  • Positive Mindset Poster
    The Positive Mindset Poster is an attractive way to encourage children to meet goals and be confiden..
  • Bullying Poster Set
    Set of four colorful laminated posters reinforcing causes of and solutions to bullying. These large,..
    $16.99 $17.99
  • Great Ways to Treat Others Poster
    Useful reference chart looks great on your wall while reinforcing important empathy skills. Measures..
  • Depression Poster
    Large 18x24" laminated poster is a great accent for any wall. Features 15 fun, colorful illustration..
  • Anger Management Poster
    A laminated 18"x24" poster to help clients identify the feelings behind their anger. This highly rat..
  • Digital Timer
    Help your clients transition between tasks or ending a session. Easy to operate timer with AAA batte..
  • Cat-astrophic Signs of Anxiety Poster
    Large laminated poster displays signs and triggers of anxiety in a colorful, cartoonish way. Include..
  • Newton's Cradle
    Kinetic Energy! The classic desktop novelty for your office or therapy room. Measures 4.5" tall. Cli..
  • What Do You Stand For Poster
    This colorful and inspiring character traits poster is perfect for the classroom, office, community ..
  • New Sprouts Plastic Baskets- Set of 4
    Set of four colorful baskets with handles for play or organizing. Children will enjoy carrying play ..