Teens Out-of-the-Box Coping Skills Card Deck

Teens Out-of-the-Box Coping Skills Card Deck

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As teens mature, their sources of stress can grow too. The activities in Teens – Out-of-the-Box Coping Skills tap into the fun and energetic creativity of teens to teach them new coping skills for teens to deal with stress, change, and the many obstacles they face as they grow into responsible and caring adults. 50 cards.

Sample cards:

  • Tell about a time you resisted temptation and describe the outcome.
  • If you were a voice-over actor, which animated character would you like to play and why? Ask two people which characters they would like to play.
  • People say that the further down the road you go, the less likely you are to turn back. What do they mean by that?

Additional Product Info

Publisher: Whole Person Associates
Recommended Ages: Ages 12 through 18
Grade Level: Grades 7 through 12
Printed in: USA
Choking hazard - small parts - not for children 3 years or under

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