Classroom Support

Sensory products designed for use in the classroom. These products are great for use in classrooms while keeping distraction to a minimum. Fidget bands attach to school desks and chairs and help kids and teens increase focus. Quiet, discreet fidgets can be used at a desk without distracting other students.

  • Wiggle Seat Sensory Chair Cushion
    Kids stay calm and focused while sitting as these seats give them an outlet for excess energy in the..
  • Mental Health Box
    Includes:Superhero Strengths Game The PERFECT game for at-home play. It's fun, relatable, and focuse..
    $19.99 $28.16
  • Spiky Sensory Finger Rings (10 Pack)
    Pack of 10 gold and silver colored finger rings provide calming relief for many ailments. People wit..
  • Bouncyband Desk Version
    The ORIGINAL Bouncyband for Desks increases focus and academic performance by giving students an out..
  • Spiky Sensory Rollers (3 Pack)
    Set of three spiky rollers are durable and useful for sensory seekers. Firm pressure for children, t..
  • Bouncyband Kids Version
    Designed to use with standard elementary school chairs with legs from 13" to 17" apart. For wider ch..
  • Desk Buddy Bar
    The Desk Buddy Bar is a rubbery ruler with different textures for the top or inside of desks and is ..
  • Monkey Rings (Set of 3)
    Set of three spiky ringsbracelet sizedBPA & Latex FreeSet of three ring-shaped bracelets provide a c..
  • Fidget Foot Roller
    Bouncyband fidget Foot Roller silently enables the release of excess energy while sitting or standin..
  • Sensory Seat Tactile Mat
    A non bulky seat pad that requires no inflation and is excellent for all ages. This calming pad can ..
  • Bumpy Turtle Vibrating Pillow
    Bumpy Turtle Vibrating Pillow is made of a soft bumpy material. Sensations are generated by rubbing ..
    $23.99 $29.99
  • Wiggle Feet Sensory Cushion
    Fidgeting with Wiggle Feet allows excess energy to be expelled while sitting at a desk, or in any ch..
    $19.99 $24.99
  • Fidgipod
    A helpful fidgit and calming toy for children and adults with autism or sensory processing disorder...
  • Bouncyband Teens Version
    Designed to use with standard middle and high school school chairs with legs from 17" to 24" apart. ..
  • Aloha Feet Fidget Inserts
    Finally, a fidget for your feet! Aloha feet are shoe inserts that feature specialized nubs to stimul..
  • Tactile Tiger Brush
    A useful fidget for children requiring tactile stimulation. FDA approved for oral use as well, this ..
  • Silicone Fidget Pencil Topper
    Includes one pencil topper in a randomly assorted color. Order more than one for variety.SPIKE is ev..
  • Mesh-It Silent Fidget Pen
    Comes in randomly assorted colors, buy more than one for variety.Mesh-It is a fidget pen purposefull..
  • Silicone Fidget Pencil Gripper
    Includes one pencil gripper in a randomly assorted color. Order more than one for variety.SPIKE is e..
  • Rainbow Mesh Squeeze Ball Pen
    Ink pen + squeeze ball = loads of fun while you write. These black ink pens come in an assortment of..
  • Portable Wiggle Seat with Carry Handle
    Easily transferring the seat to different places enables kids to stay relaxed and on task everywhere..
  • Chewberz Chewable Pencil Toppers - 3 pack
    Set of three chewable pencil toppers. Features one each of three unique textures: dotted, smooth, an..
  • Chew Stixx Pencil Toppers
    Set of two chew stixx pencil toppers for use at home or school. Toppers fit any regular number two p..
  • Gel Seat Cushion
    Gel filled seat cushion measures 16" x 16" x 1". With tie straps to keep it in place. Vinyl surface ..
    $37.99 $44.99
  • Foot Tapper Fidget Button
    CALMING INFLUENCE - Tapping your toes or heel on the resistance button relieves anxiety, stress, and..
  • Animal Pencil Toppers (Set of 3)
    Fuzzy and colorful pencil toppers are made of eco-friendly materials and make classwork and homework..
    $8.99 $9.99
  • Wiggle Wobble Chair Feet
    Transforms a standard school chair into a Wobble Chair enabling kids to have an outlet for excess en..
  • Bumpy Pencil Grip
    The Bumpy Grip adds a unique sensory feel to any ordinary pencil. Comes in randomly assorted bright ..
  • Fidgr Therapy Gear Orange
    Keep your fingers in motion with this gear-shaped fidget.  May help reduce anxiety, help people buil..
    $3.89 $4.97
  • Fidgiball
    Fidgiball is a mildly weighted ball with soft silicone spikes and a helpful fidget for children need..
  • Chewable Pencil Topper - Robot
    Includes one Robot Shaped Silicone Chewable Pencil Topper100% safe! Made of FDA approved, non-toxic,..
    $4.99 $5.99
  • Square Gyrobi Fidget
    The fidget toy that twists, spins and rotates!Spin the colorful plastic squares in fascinating ways ..