The ABCs to a Mindful Me!

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  • Activities, Games and Information to Help Kids
  • Learn and Practice Mindfulness and Improve Their Mindset
  • Suitable for use in individual and small-group counseling and classrooms
  • Includes a download link for printable worksheets and game

The ABCs to a Mindful Me!:

Kids who practice mindfulness can benefit in many ways. They may:

  • have less stress and anxiety
  • be more confident
  • have better relationships with family and friends
  • be able to manage a range of emotions
  • be more accepting of self and others
  • be more compassionate
  • have better impulse control
  • make better decisions
  • do better academically

This book provides interesting and fun activities and information that will help children learn the ABC’s of Mindfulness: Attention, Balance, and Compassion. The book is divided into the following chapters:


The first chapter discusses the ABCs of Mindfulness. After reading the chapter, the students can give ABC examples from their own life experiences.


The second chapter offers three lessons to help students better understand mindfulness, as well as a lesson that instructs students to set weekly mindfulness goals.


The lessons in these three chapters can be taught in any order depending on the needs of the students. For example, the chapter on attention would be helpful to students with ADHD. The chapter on compassion would benefit individuals or an entire class that may need to work on relationships with peers. Students who are experiencing changes in their lives due to divorce or death would benefit from the chapter on balance. Select the lesson or lessons that are appropriate for your students’ needs. Then print the workbook page(s) for each participating student. If several lessons are selected, print, collate, and staple together the pages to make a mini workbook for each student.


This chapter offers suggestions on how students can "sneak" mindful moments into each day, and helpful reproducible Mindful Minute Reminder Cards to distribute.


After the students have completed the majority of the lessons, they should have enough understanding about mindfulness to be able to complete the games. This section includes:

  • Mindful Word Games (crosswords, word searches, word scrambles)
  • Mindful Quiz Show (Powerpoint game is included on the download)
  • Mindful Spinners
  • Mindful Bingo  (30 printable bingo cards are included on the download)

This book can be used by teachers in their classrooms and by counselors with individuals, small groups, or with an entire classroom focusing on a particular issue that needs attention. In the last few years, mindfulness has emerged as a way of treating children and adolescents with conditions ranging from ADHD to anxiety, autism spectrum disorders, depression, and stress. And the benefits are proving to be tremendous.


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Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9781575433219
Page count: 72
Recommended Ages: Ages 8 through 11
Grade Level: Grades 3 through 6
Printed in: USA
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The ABCs to a Mindful Me!