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  • The Anger Control Game
    The Anger Control Game teaches children the skills they need for effective anger control. It is part..
    $34.97 $49.97
  • Fairy Tale Animal Toob (11 Piece)
    Eleven piece animal set of fantasy and folklore. Great mix of mythical and real animals in a mini si..
    $9.99 $11.99
  • Smart Sharks: Hang in There: Resiliency Card Game
    Ages 10-13. 2-8 players. Players will learn the important roll resilience plays in achieving success..
    $11.97 $14.97
  • Exploring My World Board Game
    by Arley Loeffler, LCSW     Ages 5-12. 2-5 players. This appealing game draws out material about chi..
    $34.97 $47.97
  • Talking Tools Game Book - 10 Games in One!
    Talking Tools Game BookTalking Tools includes 10 different games:Eight discussion-oriented games cov..
    $49.97 $54.97
  • Coconut Cave
    This cave will be a fantastic addition to your miniatures! Made from a coconut shell, each one is un..
    $3.99 $5.99
  • Stone Footprints
    Your clients can now leave footprints in the sand with these stone feet. Set of two measures 2" long..
    $1.00 $3.99
  • Economy Fidget Spinner
    All the fidgety fun of a spinner without the hefty price tag. Plastic spinner features four metal be..
    $0.99 $2.99
  • Wait & Win! Patience Board Game
    Teaches children the importance of patience in a fun game formatPractices patience and earn "patienc..
    $47.97 $54.97
  • Wheel Fidget Spinner
    For a wheely good time! Wheel spinner features a solid metal outer ring, and durable plastic spokes...
    $9.97 $14.97
  • Heartbeats: A Game for Teens in Difficult Circumstances
    by Kendra Lince Davis, M.A.Ages 10-18. 2-6 players. Based on decades of experience with disadvantage..
    $34.97 $48.97
  • Lotus Flower
    A blossomed lotus flower for sandplay. This aquatic perennial is significant in Buddhist and Hi..
    $13.29 $14.99
  • The Social Skills Game
    by Berthold Berg, Ph.D.Ages 8-12. 2-5 players. The Social Skills Game is an ideal way to help childr..
    $38.97 $49.97
  • Graduates (Caucasian)
    A male and female graduate holding diplomas. Plastic figures are 4 1/2" in height. Gown colors may v..
    $1.69 $2.90
  • Listening Counts Board Game
    Ages 7-10. 2-6 players. Listening Counts® is an educational game that teaches six basic listening sk..
    $39.97 $49.97
  • Narrow Window
    This opaque window with wood frame may be especially figurative for sand tray therapy. 3" x 0.5" x 6..
    $6.99 $7.99
  • White Tent
    Clients may enjoy putting little figures inside this small white tent for sand tray therapy. Tent me..
    $0.58 $1.00
  • Spinner Squad Fidget Spinner - Patterned
    Comes in a number of assorted patterns chosen at random. Order more than one for variety.Hold the sp..
    $10.97 $17.97
  • Tree Covered in Snow
    A deciduous tree covered in snow for sand tray therapy. Delicate tree measures 8 1/2" in height..
    $1.00 $3.99
  • The Upside Down Divorce Board Game
    Teach children new coping skillsChallenge players to find creative solutions to problemsFor 2-4 play..
    $42.97 $54.97
  • Fabric Brushes - set of 6
    Unleash your inner artiste! Each brush in this set has a unique texture to create amazing masterpiec..
    $12.97 $20.97
  • Fun in the Sun Theme Kit
    5 piece setAll that's left for a relaxing day at the beach is the sand! Kit includes a bronze lounge..
    $11.29 $12.99
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Heal Your Life
    5 Powerful Steps to Overcome Anxiety, Negative Emotions & Depressionby Maya FaroWith Cognitive Behav..
    $9.97 $12.99
  • Angel Kiss
    This tall, striking image entails a kneeling angel kissing a baby on a pedestal base. The baby appea..
    $39.97 $54.97
  • Economy Firefighters (Set of 5)
    Set of five firefighters in various colors and poses. Each figure measures 2 1/2". Made in U.S.A...
    $0.49 $1.00
  • Propeller Tri Spinner
    Made from cast aluminum, this propeller-shaped spinner is sure to amaze and delight. Featuring quali..
    $8.97 $14.97
  • Maple Avenue: Jenny's Reasons (Teen Depression) DVD
    Grades 7-12. EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES: To spotlight & better recognize the signs of teen ..
    $59.99 $79.95
  • Economy Pink Superhero Cape
    Your clients can reveal the superhero within using our superhero dress up cape. One size fits all ch..
    $4.49 $4.99
  • Knight on Horse
    Exquisite detailing in this three piece set from Schleich®. A knight rider with a removable lance ri..
    $13.97 $14.97
  • Spinner Squad Fidget Spinner- Glow in the Dark
    608 bearings with Si3N4 ceramic balls, Injection molded POM frame spins up to 2 minutes+ ..
    $10.97 $20.00
  • Flip Pack Super Hero Stickers
    Six sheets of Marvel Super Hero stickers totaling 48 stickers. All your clients favorite superheroes..
    $0.97 $2.47
  • Spinner Squad Fidget Spinner - Solid Color
    Comes in a number of assorted colors. Order more than one for variety. Hold the spinner in one ha..
    $12.97 $17.97
  • Teardrop Pixie
    A unique figurine of a pixie with a muted expression. The head is shaped like a drop of water or a t..
    $10.79 $11.99
  • Gumby
    Size 6" bendable Gumby figure. A classic nondescript figure for play or sand tray...
    $6.79 $7.99
  • Fall Down 7 Times, Get Up 8: Teaching Kids to Succeed
    Award-winning teacher and best-selling author Debbie Silver addresses the relationship between stude..
    $19.97 $32.97
  • Love Bird Tree
    Glittered hearts and love birds accent this cute tree in a pot. Measures 4" in height...
    $3.97 $6.97
  • Captain Duffy and the Kid Who Threw Eggs
    Mickey is an eight year old boy who has experienced much loss in his life. He has lived in several f..
    $4.97 $9.99
  • Buttons the Brave Blue Kitten
    Buttons the kitten lives with his grandma and doesn't want to go to school. She teaches him that eve..
    $13.97 $20.97
  • Pink Bead Strand
    Set of eight pink acrylic beads on a strand. Each bead measures 1". Leave the beads together or sepa..
    $0.37 $2.97
  • Maple Avenue: The Hurting (Cutting for Relief) DVD
    Grades 7-12. EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES: To spotlight & better recognize warning signs/beha..
    $49.99 $79.95
  • Club Tri Bar Spinner
    All-metal tri-spinner has smooth ball bearings in each wing for an interesting tactile and auditory ..
    $12.97 $18.97
  • African Woman Bust
    A traditional African woman bust, carved of wood in Mozambique. Head is removable. Measures 6.5" tal..
    $6.97 $11.97
  • Maple Avenue: More Than This (Steroid Abuse & Eating Disorders) DVD
    Grades 7-12 EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES: To explore the roots of negative body image and self-es..
    $59.99 $79.95
  • Dual Metallic Fidget Spinner
    Comes in assorted colors. The fun fidget spinner that's hard to put down! Just one flick sends this ..
    $6.97 $16.97
  • Maple Avenue: PS I Miss You (The Aftermath of Suicide) DVD
    EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES: To explore the aftermath of suicide and the potentially tragic impact ..
    $59.99 $79.95
  • Shield Fidget Spinner
    With a very heavy feel, this all-metal bronze-colored spinner will delight fans of everything mediev..
    $14.97 $19.97
  • Mermaid Costume
    This shimmery mermaid costume will ease dress up time with it's two pieces. Purple shaded top with j..
    $18.97 $22.97
  • Wall Storage Unit Espresso
    $259.97 $349.99