Guidance for the Gourmet: 23 "Recipes" to Teach Children Lifeskill Lessons

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by Wanda S Cook, MEd

Become a “top chef” counselor by presenting these outstanding, upbeat, fun-to-do, lessons. Each life-skill lesson includes three distinct “courses.” Beginning with an appetizer, each introductory activity captures the students’ interest in the topic. Then the main course, which teaches the students about the topic through an attention-holding story. Lastly is the dessert, a fun-filled activity that culminates the lesson’s message. For example, the topics in the lesson Shondra, Class Bully include:    Appetizer: Bowling for Bullies Roll-ups (Bottles with students’ names are set up and a tennis ball is rolled. When a bottle is toppled, the person whose name is on that bottle must tell about a time when he or she was bullied or saw someone else being bullied.) Main Course: Menacing Miniature Meatloaf (Read the story Shondra, Class Bully and ask the involvement questions found throughout the text.) Dessert: Mean-to-mellow Thank-you Tortes (Conclude the lesson by having the students make a Thank You Note for someone who has helped them to do the right thing.)   In addition to bullying, there are lessons that address the topics of: gossip, jealousy, behavior, accepting blame, worrying, anger, perfection, tattling, grief, confidence, hygiene, and more.

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Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9781575431420
Page count: 208
Recommended Ages: Ages 6 through 10
Grade Level: Grades 1 through 5
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