Sand Tray Therapy Supplies

Sandplay therapy allows clients to express their worldview via images and stories in the sand. We have a full selection of sand tray miniatures, figures, sand trays, play sand, and accessories. Whether you're looking to get started, or augmenting your existing collection, Play Therapy Supply is your place!

  • Scrolls
    "Listen to me". So many children and clients long to be heard and listened to. A neat miniature..
  • Tiny Turtle
    A small box turtle for sand tray. Turtles are in assorted colors. Measures 1 1/4" long. ..
  • Nature Study
    A finely detail image of an African American boy reading with a butterfly net, straw hat, magnifying..
  • Pilot
    A pilot figurine holding his hat, made of resin. Due to hand-painted details, may be slight variatio..
  • Battery Operated Tea Light
    Battery operated tea light for sand tray therapy. Lights up and "flickers" like a real candle. Batte..
  • Ticket Counter
    Tickets! Get your tickets! Bright, colorful booth stating "tickets" for sand tray therapy. Younger c..
  • Jolly Roger with Treasure Chest
    Pirates have landed as proved by this one piece miniature for sand tray therapy. A jolly roger, mini..
  • Metal Pinwheel Miniature
    A colorful, sturdy metal pinwheel for sandplay. In assorted colors, includes one. Measures 4.5" tall..
  • Introduction to Sandplay DVD: Bold & Kind
    If you've ever wanted to feel present with a sandplay therapist or wanted a visual guide to the sand..
  • Miniature Shetland Pony Family (8 Piece Set)
    Many children are naturally drawn to horses and will use this pony family often in sand tray therapy..
  • Stewardess
    This stewardess is ready for take-off. Made of resin, may be slight variations due to hand-painted d..
  • Red Crown
    A plastic red crown for sand tray therapy. Crown measures 3" in diameter. ..
  • Bloody Shovel
    A plastic shovel with blood spots and splatter for sand tray therapy. Shovel is 4 1/2" in length. ..
  • King Tut
    A bronze colored bust of King Tut. Regal symbol measures 2 " tall.   ..
  • Sally
    Sally Carrera from Disney's® Cars. Measures 2 3/4" in length. Wheels are fixed...
  • Archangel Michael
    A fantastic figurine with great details! The Archangel Michael is poised with a sword and chain whil..
  • Small Gemstone Sphere
    Small sphere shaped gemstone for sandplay which may represent completeness. Measures 20 mm. In assor..
  • Love Stones
    These 1 1/2" handmade stones state:LoveYou are LovedXOXOColors are assorted..
  • Lightning McQueen
    Lightning McQueen from Disney's® Cars. Measures 2 3/4" in length. Wheels are fixed...
  • Baker Figure
    A baker in traditional dress holding a basket of bread. Cast resin figure. Stands 2 5/8" tall...
  • Wheelbarrow
    A small wheelbarrow with a turning wheel. Miniature is 2 1/2" in length. ..
  • Ballerina
    A ballerina preparing for performance by smoothing her hair. Bronze colored figure measures 4" tall...
  • Pink Unicorn
    A beautiful large pink unicorn for play or sand tray therapy from Safari®. 4"x4"..
    $11.39 $11.99
  • Veterinarian
    This veterinarian from Papo® will be a useful helper figure for your collection. Female vet. holding..
    $4.99 $5.50
  • Gold Nuggets
    One pound gold-colored glass nuggets, each approximately 1 1/2" long. Includes approximately 25 nugg..
  • Flute
    A tiny handmade flute for sand tray therapy. Made in the U.S.A, flute measures 1 1/4" in length...
  • Egyptian Bed
    A royal ancient Egyptian bed for sandplay. Ornate bed with impressive construction. Clients will enj..
  • Woolly Mammoth
    Bring the wonders of prehistoric creatures to life with a replica woolly mammoth for sand tray thera..
    $9.49 $9.99
  • Mater
    Tow Mater from Disney's® Cars. Measures 2 3/4" in length. Wheels are fixed...
  • Finn McMissle
    Finn McMissle from Disney's® Cars. Measures 2 3/4" in length. Wheels are fixed...
  • Bugle
    A gold, handmade bugle for sand tray therapy. Bugle measures 1 3/4" in length. ..
  • Witch Stew
    Ding Dong! The witch is dead. A new favorite, a pair of witch legs are peeking out of a bo..
  • Iroquoian Indian
    An Iroquoian Native American with two axes. Nice detailing with face painting and native attire. Mea..
    $7.79 $7.99
  • Frog Pad
    Two real-to-life looking frogs on a pad for sand tray.  2" x 2" x 1.5". ..
  • Blue Gnome
    He's a friendly little guy with a big wave "hello". A little blue gnome from Safari brand. 3" tall..
    $4.75 $4.99
  • British Army Figurines- Six Piece
    Set of six highly detailed army figures. Each solider in various poses with a flag, instrument, or w..
    $13.29 $13.99
  • Santa's Helpers
    Santa's helpers, an elf and reindeer, prepare for the big day. Elf in a Santa cap is petting a reind..
  • Little Indian Boy
    A young American Indian boy holding a bow with outstretched arms. Sturdy figurine is 2" tall...
    $5.99 $7.99
  • Fireman
    A resin fireman in orange uniform with an extinguisher. Resin, 3.75" tall. Due to hand-painted detai..
  • Haunted Tree
    A dead, metal tree surrounded by bats and a ghost. Spooky tree measures 6" tall...
  • Relaxed Figure
    A standing male figurine who seems at ease; measures 3.25" tall. Due to being hand-painted, slight v..
  • Triceratops Baby
    With its still-forming horns and big eyes, this triceratops baby is cute. Plastic, 3" long..
  • Moses Set
    A set of figurines representing the release of Jews from Egypt. Includes Moses holding the ten comma..
  • Otoscope
    A tiny otoscope, handcrafted in the U.S.A, for sand tray therapy. Small miniature measures around 1"..
  • Covered Wagon
    A plastic covered wagon for sand tray therapy. Measures 4" x 2" x 2 1/2"..
  • Hockey Stick
    A plastic hockey stick for sand tray therapy. Stick is 5" long. ..
  • Honey Jar (Tiny)
    Little pot states "honey" with polka dot lid. 0.75" in height. ..
  • Earache
    Steeped in symbolism, a set of ears with an arrow and knife through them. Resin sculpture measures 2..
  • Jonah Set
    A two piece Biblical set including Jonah and a whale. Jonah measures 2 3/4" tall. ..
  • Tea Set and Table (One piece set)
    Reminiscent of warmth and togetherness, this table is all set for tea time. Resin, 2" tall...
  • Noah Set
    A three piece set including Noah, donkey and mule. Noah is 3" tall. ..
  • Deep Play: Exploring the Use of Depth in Psychotherapy with Children
    Therapeutic deep play has the capacity for children to express deep emotions, overcome seemingly ins..
    $34.99 $36.95
  • Jack and the Beanstalk Wooden Figure Set
    This seven piece fairy tale set is packed with symbolic value for your sandtray, or for general stor..
    $22.99 $24.95
  • Snowball Fight (3 Figures)
    Three young boys having a snowball fight. One in a protective pose, another building snowballs and a..
    $4.97 $5.97
  • Target
    A target for sand tray therapy. Target with bulls eye center is excellent quality and has a bell in ..
    $4.97 $8.97
  • Stone Skeleton with Weapon
     This Stone Skeleton is new and has adjustable arms, removable weapon, and green crystal accents. 4 ..
    $14.99 $17.99
  • Little Red Riding Hood Figure Set
    This set of four wooden painted fairy tale figures is packed with symbolism. Great for your sandtray..
    $16.99 $17.50
  • The Three Little Pigs Wooden Figure Set
    This seven piece wooden fairy tale figure set is great for your sandtray or for general storytelling..
    $22.99 $24.95
  • Sparkling White Sandtastik Play Sand
    Beautiful sparkling white sand for your sand tray. Dust free, moldable when wet, and safe. Available..
  • Sandtray Play in Education: A Teacher's Guide
    by Barbara Turner PhD, Kristin Unnsteinsdottir PhDThis is a manual for training teachers in the Sand..
    $29.99 $34.99