Sand Tray Therapy Supplies

Sandplay therapy allows clients to express their worldview via images and stories in the sand. We have a full selection of sand tray miniatures, figures, sand trays, play sand, and accessories. Whether you're looking to get started, or augmenting your existing collection, Play Therapy Supply is your place!

  • Spiral Stairs
    Blue spiral staircase for sandplay has steps large enough to place figurines on. This neat mini will..
    $ 9.99
  • Frog Prince
    A delightful frog wearing a gold crown for sand tray. Symbolic mini is made of resin and 1.25" tall...
    $ 4.99
  • Behemoth
    A Behemoth creature for sand tray therapy. A Biblical animal with with sharp teeth and spikes. Measu..
    $14.25 $14.99
  • Swirl Glass Gems
    A one pound bag of clear, flat gems with swirled colors inside. Each gem measures approximately 3/4"..
    $ 3.99
  • Economy Soldiers - Set of 5
    Classic 2" army men in not so classic positions. Some are fighting, some are injured. Includes 5 sol..
    $ 1.00
  • Clear Heart Box
    A clear heart container for sandplay. Clear plastic lid is removable and small objects can be placed..
    $ 1.00
  • Bunker with Gun
    This sturdy plastic bunker will endure many battles in your sand tray. Includes a mounted machine gu..
    $ 12.99
  • Children Sledding
    Figure features three children sledding in a winter scene. 3" long. Resin...
    $ 6.97
  • Mini Pots and Pans Set
    An eight piece metal set of mini pots and pans for sand tray therapy. Cute assortment of dishes will..
    $ 2.99
  • Skunk
    A mini resin skunk for sandplay. 1" tall. ..
    $ 2.99
  • Rocking Chair
    A miniature painted brown wood rocking chair for sand tray therapy. 3 1/2" in height..
    $ 4.99
  • Mossy Bridge
    An interesting rustic wooden bridge with steps on each side. Moss covers its base. Measures 7 1/2" l..
    $ 7.99
  • Door with Staircase
    A stone wall with a hinged door. Behind the door lies a staircase, in a beautiful representation of ..
    $ 12.99
  • Country Bridge
    SturdyLarge sizedThis bridge is reminiscent of the bridge in Three Billy Goats Gruff with its large ..
    $ 12.99
  • Tiny Pond
    A tiny recessed pond with a beautiful blue interior. Pond may be filled with water and is perfe..
    $ 4.99
  • Fireplace Grate with Logs
    Warm up with this mini fireplace grate with logs. 1.5" long...
    $ 1.49
  • Iris the Fairy
    A fairy figure for your sand tray. Iris the Fairy measures 4" high. Iris may be waving or signaling ..
    $7.59 $7.99
  • Gray Squirrel
    A cute little gray squirrel, complete with an acorn in it's mouth. Sand tray figurine measures 2.73"..
    $3.79 $3.99
  • Sandplay Therapy: Treatment Of Psychopathologies
    by Eva Pattis ZojaTen European sandplay therapists describe how severe psychopathologies can be trea..
    $27.99 $31.00
  • Family Walk
    A father, mother, child and their dog taking a brisk walk in the winter. Single piece. Polyresin fig..
    $ 7.99
  • Miniature Smart Tablet
    A tiny smart tablet for sand tray therapy. Metal tablet is 1" ..
    $ 4.99
  • Believe in Transformation
    Nothing captures the process of change better than this tiny symbol. Small log engraved with "change..
    $ 3.99
  • French Fries
    For the times you want fries with that...You can never have enough food selections for sand tray the..
    $ 1.00
  • Door off Hinges
    For the times when entry and change isn't welcome. A truly unique piece, this door off it's hin..
    $ 5.99
  • Ladybug
    A cute lil' ladybug on a leaf for sand tray therapy. Ladybugs represent good luck to many cultures. ..
    $ 2.99
  • Resin Eyeball
    This realistic looking resin eyeball is a rich symbol for sandplay. While eerie, may also hold signi..
    $ 2.99
  • Person Playing
    Neat assortment of people in playful activities such as jumping rope, throwing a ball, gardening, ch..
    $ 1.00
  • Chicken Family
    A hen, rooster, and brood of chicks for sandplay. Darling chicks are tiny measuring 1/4" inch. Hen a..
    $ 10.99
  • Black Bouquet
    A black ribbon rose bunch for sand tray therapy. Small bouquet with a dozen roses...
    $ 1.00
  • Standing Polar Bear
    Superb, erect polar bear figurine for sand tray therapy. Measures 5.5" tall...
    $7.99 $8.50
  • Pyramid
    An Egyptian pyramid made for your sand tray. A very solid miniature with gorgeous coloring. The piec..
    $ 9.99
  • Vintage Telephone Booth
    Miniature telephone booth for the sand tray. Made of heavy die cast metal. Door opens and closes and..
    $ 4.49
  • Monks
    Set of three attached monks for sand tray therapy. Monks are commonly known for living in solidarity..
    $ 9.97
  • Archangel Michael
    A fantastic figurine with great details! The Archangel Michael is poised with a sword and chain whil..
    $ 2.99
  • Detailed Skulls
    Set of two small resin skulls for sand tray therapy...
    $ 2.99
  • Genuine Quartz Crystal
    Add some sparkle to your sand tray. Genuine quartz crystal from Brazil for sand tray therapy.&n..
    $ 2.49
  • Telephone Poles (set of two)
    Set of two electric pole sand tray miniatures. Each stands 4" tall. Plastic. ..
    $ 3.99
  • Low Bridge
    A low stone bridge, perhaps used to cross a relatively easy journey. 5" long. ..
    $ 8.49
  • Red Lantern
    Miniature red lantern is a beautiful miniature for portraying light in the sand tray. Measures 1 1/2..
    $ 2.99
  • Unveiling Princess
    We love this princess holding her mask. Princess is superior quality from Papo, hand painted, and re..
    $7.49 $7.99
  • Judge Figurine
    A robed judge with gavel and stately wig for sandplay therapy. A very useful miniature, made of resi..
    $ 12.99
  • Spiderman
    A hand painted Spiderman poised for a spiderweb attack. Measures 4.1 x 3.3 x 4.4 inches...
    $ 12.99
  • Wolf (Howling)
    Wolves are a symbolic animal for many cultures and this howling wolf is realistic with it's coloring..
    $6.49 $7.00
  • Mickey Mouse
    A Mickey Mouse figurine for sandplay therapy. Measures 2 3/4" in height...
    $ 2.99
  • Enchantress
    This female magician is ready to create some magic. With her glittery dress and delicate wand, she i..
    $7.79 $7.99
  • Boy Basketball Player
    Finely detailed boy dribbling a basketball. Figurine is 6" in height. ..
    $ 15.99
  • Wine Caddy
    Six small bottles of wine in a metal carrying case for sand tray. Each bottle is 1 1/2" tall. ..
    $ 7.99
  • Ogre
    Some ogres may be friendly but this one doesn't appear to be! Hand painted, superior quality sand tr..
    $7.49 $7.99
  • Microscope
    A tiny handcrafted microscope for sand tray therapy. Microscope measures 1/2" x 1/2" x 1". ..
    $ 4.99
  • Happy Engagement
    Excited couple embracing as she holds up her new engagement ring for all to see. Polyresin figurine ..
    $ 4.99
  • Deluxe Trunks
    Two metal trunks that open and close. Fabulous detailing. Trunks measure 1.75"h x 2"w and 1.5"h x 2"..
    $ 11.99
  • Jewel-Eyed Skull
    A striking image of a skull with sand tray therapy that includes penetrating gemstone eyes. Res..
    $ 3.99
  • Urn
    A plastic gold colored urn for sand tray therapy. Urn measures 1" in height. ..
    $ 2.99
  • Reptiles Toob- 16 Piece
    This toob of creepy crawlies is a fantastic value with 16 reptiles. Includes eight snakes, four sala..
    $11.39 $11.99
  • Water Bottle
    Clear water bottle with a blue cap for sand tray therapy. One of the essentials for life, you m..
    $ 1.00
  • Jolly Roger with Treasure Chest
    Pirates have landed as proved by this one piece miniature for sand tray therapy. A jolly roger, mini..
    $ 4.99
  • Wedding Cinderella
    Lovely Cinderella graced in her wedding dress on her big day with Prince Charming. Measures 3" tall...
    $ 2.49
  • Nativity Toob (13 Piece Set)
    A mini nativity set for sand tray therapy including baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, wise men, Gabriel, she..
    $18.99 $19.99
  • Footprint Path
    Wherever your clients are headed, they'll love representing it with this stone path covered in blue ..
    $ 6.99
  • Brighter Tomorrow Stones
    These 1 1/2"  handmade stones state:WishMiraclesHopeColors may vary...
    $ 4.99
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