Sand Tray Therapy Supplies

Sandplay therapy allows clients to express their worldview via images and stories in the sand. We have a full selection of sand tray miniatures, figures, sand trays, play sand, and accessories. Whether you're looking to get started, or augmenting your existing collection, Play Therapy Supply is your place!

  • Chicken Family
    A hen, rooster, and brood of chicks for sandplay. Darling chicks are tiny measuring 1/4" inch. Hen a..
    $ 10.99
  • Training Time with Mom
    Mom lends a guiding hand in this polyresin figurine. African American mother assists her training da..
    $ 4.99
  • Jumbo Army Men (Tan)
    Set of four jumbo sized army men for sand tray therapy. Each figure is 4" high in various poses.  Su..
    $ 2.97
  • Howler Monkey
    We love this little guys expression and think your clients will too. Native to South and Central Ame..
    $5.69 $5.99
  • Alien (Assorted)
    Mini aliens in an assortment of colors and expressions. Includes one alien, buy more for an assortme..
    $ 1.00
  • Golden Elephant
    Elephants may symbolize strength, skill or a "family first" mentality. This golden one will look bri..
    $ 5.99
  • Chinese Dragon
    This yellow and orange dragon is 5" long and stretches to 10". It is a Chinese Dragon. For use with ..
    $ 1.80
  • Door off Hinges
    For the times when entry and change isn't welcome. A truly unique piece, this door off it's hin..
    $ 5.99
  • Economy Soldiers - Set of 5
    Classic 2" army men in not so classic positions. Some are fighting, some are injured. Includes 5 sol..
    $ 1.00
  • Squishy Shark
    Many requests for a shark for the sand tray. This one is squishy soft and mouth open. 2 3/4"..
    $ 1.00
  • Mini Ninjas- Set of three
    Set of three mini ninjas in various poses and colors. Height 1.5" ..
    $ 1.00
  • Tiny Cake
    $ 1.00
  • Train Toob (10 Piece)
    All aboard! A ten piece set of trains for sand tray therapy from Safari®. Includes  train station, c..
    $11.39 $11.99
  • Tree of Life Dream Catcher
    This small dream catcher for sandplay features a Tree of Life with feather accents. Including loop &..
    $ 2.99
  • Tiny Road
    A small resin road with grass for sand tray therapy. Purchase more than one to make a longer pa..
    $ 2.99
  • Blue Pond
    A marvelous deep blue pond that is recessed so your clients can level the pond with the sand if they..
    $ 12.99
  • Panning for Gold
    This bronze replica of a prospector is an expressive piece for sandplay. Figurine is of an older man..
    $ 12.99
  • Tiki Mask
    Tiki masks have been used in many cultures as a religious symbol or to protect the home. Assorted ma..
    $ 2.49
  • Brick Person (1 assorted)
    Fun little brick people! Great as multi-ethnic figures for sandtray, these neat little figures are a..
    $ 1.00
  • Buzz Lightyear
    "To infinity... and beyond!". Scale new heights with Buzz Lightyear from Disney's® Toy Story. M..
    $ 2.49
  • Guard Rail
    A gray plastic railing for sand tray therapy to create a distinct barrier. Nice sized and a slightly..
    $ 3.99
  • Regal Ancient Egyptian Boat
    This gorgeous ancient artifact is sturdy yet delicate. Featuring an Egyptian woman, perhap..
    $ 14.99
  • Fireplace Grate with Logs
    Warm up with this mini fireplace grate with logs. 1.5" long...
    $ 1.49
  • Genuine Quartz Crystal
    Add some sparkle to your sand tray. Genuine quartz crystal from Brazil for sand tray therapy.&n..
    $ 2.49
  • Squirt
    Squirt the sea turtle from Finding Nemo and Finding Dory. Measures 1 3/4"...
    $0.89 $2.49
  • Frog Prince
    A delightful frog wearing a gold crown for sand tray. Symbolic mini is made of resin and 1.25" tall...
    $ 4.97
  • Chinese Money Tree
    The money tree is a Chinese folktale representing luck and fortune. Sturdy, fine detailing. Measures..
    $ 22.99
  • Teardrop Pixie
    A unique figurine of a pixie with a muted expression. The head is shaped like a drop of water or a t..
    $ 11.99
  • Black Briefcase
    A plastic black briefcase that opens. Measures 1 3/4"x 1 1/2" x 1/2" ..
    $ 5.99
  • Electric Guitar
    An electric guitar for rockin' in the sand tray. Plastic guitar measures 3 1/2" in length. Come..
    $ 9.99
  • Scary Plant
    This plant looks like the Venus Fly Trap for people! With red eyes, and sharp teeth, this is one pla..
    $ 4.99
  • Knight with Red Feather
    A detailed armored knight from Papo. Shield and sword are removable. Knight measures 3.4 x 3.7 x 3.2..
    $7.79 $7.99
  • Bunker with Gun
    This sturdy plastic bunker will endure many battles in your sand tray. Includes a mounted machine gu..
    $ 12.99
  • Cross River Stone
    One cross river stone for sand tray therapy. Each stone is slightly different. Average size 2"...
    $ 1.59
  • Skateboard
    Miniature skateboard for sand tray therapy. Plastic skateboard comes in assorted designs. Each is 2"..
    $ 1.00
  • Gemstone Heart
    A beautiful heart from natural gemstones. Assorted colors. 1 1/2"..
    $ 1.99
  • Santa Claus Figure
    Traditional Santa Claus figure holding a bag of presents. Stands 2 5/8" tall. Resin...
    $ 3.19
  • Pinocchio
    A Pinocchio figurine for sand tray therapy. Classic character whose nose grows when he lies. Measure..
    $ 2.99
  • Medusa Container
    Offering containers for sand tray work opens up more opportunities for expression. Due to it's alarm..
    $ 11.99
  • Handstand
    A young girl doing a handstand for sandplay. Figurine is in relaxed apparel and expression-less face..
    $ 11.99
  • Prince of Darkness
    Deluxe Prince of Darkness figurine for play or sand tray. Scary figure features removable weapons an..
    $ 7.99
  • Miniature Smart Tablet
    A tiny smart tablet for sand tray therapy. Metal tablet is 1" ..
    $ 4.99
  • Swirl Glass Gems
    A one pound bag of clear, flat gems with swirled colors inside. Each gem measures approximately 3/4"..
    $ 3.99
  • Slot Machine
    A slot machine with working lever and pullout drawer. Measures 2 1/2" in height. Colors vary ..
    $ 2.99
  • Roulette Wheel
    A plastic roulette wheel for sand tray therapy. Measures 3"..
    $ 1.00
  • Rubber Brain
    A rubber brain in assorted colors for sandplay. Measures 1" x 3/4"...
    $ 1.00
  • Baby Luck Dragon
    This Baby Luck Dragon is unique with it's copper and gold-colored fur and friendly face, giving it t..
    $9.49 $9.99
  • Small Sand Sieve
    This durable sand sieve will last for many years. Made in Germany, a useful accessory for sand tray ..
    $ 3.20
  • X Marks the Spot
    A miniature resin treasure map with matching "X" will be a superb addition to your sand tray. Two pi..
    $ 5.97
  • Great White Shark
    The great white shark has a reputation for being ferocious, and this one looks like it too. Superior..
    $5.99 $6.99
  • Standing Polar Bear
    Superb, erect polar bear figurine for sand tray therapy. Measures 5.5" tall...
    $7.99 $8.50
  • Cowboys and American Indians (6 Pieces)
    Plastic cowboys, American Indians, and horses for sand tray therapy. Includes six assorted figures i..
    $ 1.00
  • Covered Bridge
    A wood covered bridge for sand tray therapy with a metal roof. This enclosed bridge may be a useful ..
    $ 6.99
  • Small Naked Man
    This naked man figurine looks like he's posing for his self-portrait. Confident, and sure of self. 2..
    $ 6.99
  • Battling Pirates- 36 piece
    It's life versus death with this 36 piece play set. Pirate skeletons and live pirates battl..
    $ 9.99
  • Tiny Pond
    A tiny recessed pond with a beautiful blue interior. Pond may be filled with water and is perfe..
    $ 4.99
  • Snowy Trees
    Two green-leafed trees covered in snow. Each tree 4" tall. ..
    $ 4.99
  • Arrowhead
    Replica arrowhead for sand tray therapy. Made of jasper, arrowhead measures 1 1/2"...
    $ 1.00
  • Standing Cat
    With it's engaged eyes and lifted tail, this cat figurine has realistic detailing for sand tray. Mea..
    $ 2.99
  • Star Award
    For the winner in your clients, a plastic trophy of shooting stars. Measures 4" in height...
    $ 1.99