Sand Tray Therapy Supplies

Sandplay therapy allows clients to express their worldview via images and stories in the sand. We have a full selection of sand tray miniatures, figures, sand trays, play sand, and accessories. Whether you're looking to get started, or augmenting your existing collection, Play Therapy Supply is your place!

  • Deluxe Suitcases
    Two metal trunks that open and close. Fabulous detailing. Trunks measure 1.75"h x 2"w and 1.5"h x 2"..
  • Sandplay and the Clinical Relationship
    by Linda Cunningham, PhDSandplay and the Clinical Relationship provides a grounding in clinical theo..
    $41.79 $44.95
  • Potty Chair
    A retro wooden potty chair for sand tray therapy. 1.5" tall...
  • Geodes- 2 piece
    Two beautiful geode halves for sand tray therapy. They look like a plain rock on the outside, but go..
  • Milk Jug
    Miniature plastic jug of milk for sand tray therapy. Item is realistically detailed with a tiny..
  • Flower Planter
    A primitive resin planter for sand tray.  1.5" tall..
  • Panning for Gold
    This bronze replica of a prospector is an expressive piece for sandplay. Figurine is of an older man..
  • Fishing Lesson with Grandpa
    Young boy appears to be learning how to fish from his grandfather. Nice detailing. Measures 3" x 1/2..
  • Mustang Mare
    A mustang mare with realistic details from Schleich®. Measures 4" x 1 1/2" x 4 1/4"...
  • Club
    A club used for a weapon for sand tray therapy. Club measures 3" long...
  • Sky Hook
    Now you can have your own sky hook without constructing one. Gold hanger allows your clients to elev..
  • Harvest Season
    Two pumpkins on hay bale may symbolize abundance and plenty. A useful piece for children suffering n..
  • Building a Snowman
    Lots of frosty fun with two children working together to build a snowman. 3" x 1 1/2" x 2 3/4"...
  • Donkey
    Donkeys have a rich history of being portrayed in folklore, tales, some religious cultures and even ..
    $5.29 $5.50
  • Gumby
    Size 6" bendable Gumby figure. A classic nondescript figure for play or sand tray...
  • Sitting Piglet
    A darling little piglet for sand tray therapy. Baby pigs are relatively mobile and active from birth..
    $2.55 $2.69
  • Mrs. Claus Figure
    Painted resin Mrs Claus figure holding a tray of gingerbread men. 2 1/2" tall...
  • Pink Fairy
    With a jeweled dress and gold wand, this Pink Fairy will be a sweet addition to your sand tray minia..
    $7.79 $7.99
  • Hanging Beads
    A beautiful set of hanging beads for representing celebration or treasures. Stunning bead set may be..
  • Small Military Set (15 Piece)
    Plastic soldiers in two colors, a cannon and horse for sandplay. Soldiers in various fighting poses ..
    $4.99 $5.99
  • Tiny Ashtray and Cigarette
    A small ashtray with cigarette for sand tray therapy. Handmade in the U.S.A. Mini ashtray measures&n..
  • Treasure Map in a Bottle
    You know jewels and treasure chests are used daily in the tray; include this delightful tr..
    $2.65 $2.99
  • Butterfly Fence
    Pretty, weathered butterfly fence for sand tray therapy can be flexed in different directions. Metal..
  • Mini Sand Castle
    Darling mini sand castle made of resin. 2" tall...
  • The Wisdom of Oz: Reflections of a Jungian Sandplay Therapist
    In The Wisdom of Oz, the real-life Dorothy shows how The Wonderful Wizard of Oz has become America's..
  • Glowing Skull
    A creepy resin skull will make your sand tray multi-dimensional via adding light. Allow your clients..
  • Goofy
    A Goofy character from Disney.® Measures 3 1/4" in height. ..
  • Cubs Playing
    Two bear cubs playing together on a tree stump. Resin figurine measures 1" x 1 1/2" x 3 1/2". ..
  • Life Sized Rat
    A lightweight plastic rat for sand tray therapy. This is a large sized rat, from nose to the tip of ..
  • Small Melting Candles
    Was the wish granted before the flame went on on these candles resting atop a tree stump? Measures 1..
  • Seal
    With their friendly personalities and playful antics, seals are one of the most beloved sea animals...
  • Fawn
    Small resin fawn for sand tray measures 1.75". A symbolic mini for your collection...
  • Flying Bats
    Set of three connected bats appear to be flying. Product dimensions: 2" x 1/2" x 4"...
  • To Protect and Serve
    An African American police officer with two school aged children. Figurine is 3 1/4" in height...
  • Spelunking
    Ready for caving, these two men are decked in spelunking garb and walking sticks. One piece. Measure..
  • VW Bus
    The epitome of peace, love, and a road trip! Darling little VW bus is resin and 1 1/8" long. Perfect..
  • Tropical Plant
    A tropical, fern-like plant with yellow fronds for sand tray. Resin, 2.25" tall...
  • Basket of Flowers
    This basket of flowers will cheer up any sand tray. Resin basket of flowers comes in assorted styles..
  • Primping Princess
    Perhaps this princess is getting ready for the ball or a dance. Either way, she's sure to dazzle wit..
  • Movie Night
    A young couple enjoying a bucket of popcorn for sand tray therapy. Made of resin, 2.56" tall...
  • Duffel Bag Miniature
    A plastic duffel bag for sand tray therapy. Bag appears full and does not open. Measures 3 1/2" x 1"..
  • Kneeling Angel
    A lovely resin angel with impressive details. Conjures feelings of peace and protection. Kneeling an..
  • Falconer
    Falconers train predatory birds, such as the perched falcon on this one's glove, for hunting. Beauti..
    $6.49 $7.00
  • Jumbo Brick Person (1 Assorted)
    Fun little brick people! Great as multi-ethnic figures for sandtray, these neat little figures are a..
    $1.17 $1.97
  • Machine Gun
    The machine gun is one of the deadliest weapons on Earth. Metal with a bronze finish. 2.5" tall...
  • Giraffe Baby
    A giraffe baby for sand tray therapy. From Safari, a quality figurine. Lead free and thoroughly test..
    $3.77 $3.99
  • Deluxe Life Preserver
    A nice-sized life preserver that won't get lost on your sand tray shelves. Resin mini is adorned wit..
  • Little Vampire
    A small vampire figure for sand tray therapy. Nice bright colors and slightly cute in appearance, fi..
  • Large Chair with Hearts
    We can't help but love this one. Oversized metal chair with hearts creates a raised setting for spec..
  • Pointed Crystal
    A hand cut pointed crystal for sand tray therapy. Lovely crystal is clear but iridescent showing a r..
  • Rustic U.S.A. Flag
    A metal, rustic looking flag for sandplay that should hold up nicely for years to come. This signifi..
  • Wild Boar
    Wild boars are native to parts of Europe, Asia, and North Africa. An omnivore, wild boars eat plants..
    $4.99 $5.50
  • Donald Duck
    Disney's® cartoon character Donald Duck measuring 3" in height. ..
  • Girl Relaxing
    A caucasian girl in a relaxed, seated pose. Many assorted positions, all with a young girl ..
  • Kissing Couple
    A polyresin figure of a couple kissing on a bench. Sweet miniature measures 2 1/2" in height...
  • Hen
    Breakfast just wouldn't be the same without them! The hen is an iconic part of the barnyard. Nicely-..
  • Beer Server Figure
    Lady serving beer figure for Sandplay. Stands about 3" tall...
  • David and Goliath Set
    A three piece set including Goliath, David and pile of rocks. Goliath measures 3 1/2" tall. ..
  • Pelican
    This miniature pelican is perched on a log and might provoke you to take a trip to the beach. 3" tal..
  • Puppy Magic
    A miniature resin dog with a glittering magic wand in his mouth. Let the wishes begin. Tiny dog meas..