Sand Tray Therapy Supplies

Sandplay therapy allows clients to express their worldview via images and stories in the sand. We have a full selection of sand tray miniatures, figures, sand trays, play sand, and accessories. Whether you're looking to get started, or augmenting your existing collection, Play Therapy Supply is your place!

  • Baby Elephant
    Darling baby elephant sand tray miniature. The extended trunk can hook around the tail of the adult ..
    $2.99 $3.50
  • Tiny Cake
  • Rhinoceros Figurine
    Stout and imposing, the rhinoceros will make a great addition to your sand tray animals. Figure is 5..
  • Leprechaun
    A resin leprechaun with a pot of gold. Sand tray figure measures 2 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 3 1/4". ..
  • Genuine Quartz Crystal
    Add some sparkle to your sand tray. Genuine quartz crystal from Brazil for sand tray therapy.&n..
  • Rabbit and Hutch
    A wood hutch with rabbit inside. Hutch has two opening doors and is fragile, not for use in play. Hu..
  • Standing Witch
    A primitive-looking witch for sand tray therapy made of resin. Eyes of this witch are dark and a lit..
  • Miniature Stethoscope
    A miniature stethoscope for sand tray therapy. ..
  • Small Naked Man
    This naked man figurine looks like he's posing for his self-portrait. Confident, and sure of self. 2..
  • Medusa Container
    Offering containers for sand tray work opens up more opportunities for expression. Due to it's alarm..
  • Father and Son
    A father sitting on a crate, playfully holding his son. Made of resin, due to being hand-painted, ma..
  • Witch Brew
    Looks like something bubbly and gross is brewing in this witch cauldron. Brew is able to light ..
  • Naptime
    It's time for a little Siesta after a long days work. A sleeping man wearing traditional Mexica..
  • Mini Nativity
    With the love of a mother and watchful eye of the father, the baby Jesus is looked upon in a manger...
  • Twins
    Twice isn't always nice as proved by this pair of creepy twins. Holding hands, made of resin. 2.09" ..
  • Snowy Trees
    Two green-leafed trees covered in snow. Each tree 4" tall...
  • Beach Chair
    A resin beach chair with towel, pillow, and sun hat resting on top. Measures 3 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 2 1/2..
  • Underwater Treasure
    Stunning workmanship on this open clam with treasures inside including gold grown and coins. Include..
  • Miniature Journal
    A mini journal for sand tray therapy. Card stock cover that states "journal" with blank pages inside..
  • Ariel
    The Little Mermaid, a children's classic, features Ariel, a free-spirited princess with long red hai..
  • Mini Paint Set
    A cute, mini set of paints for sand tray in a wood box. Box measures 1 3/4" x 1 1/2" x 1/2". ..
  • Bendable Smile Person
    2 1/1" tall bendable smiley person. Figure is highly bendable and comes in assorted colors. Buy more..
  • Tiger
    A nicely detailed tiger for sand tray therapy. Tiger measures 4" x 1" x 2 1/2"...
  • Butterfly Set (3 Piece)
    From Schleich®, two small butterflies and a blooming agave plant. Agave requires snap together assem..
  • Sandplay Therapy: Research and Practice
    by Grace L HongThis book explores the essence of sandplay therapy. Drawing on Grace Hong's extensive..
    $39.99 $48.95
  • Skeleton Set (4 Piece)
    A human skeleton equipped with a sword, gold crown and ball and chain. All items are detachable so y..
  • Relaxation Stones
    These 1 1/2" handmade stones state:MeditateBreatheBalanceColors are assorted...
  • Miniature Handcuffs with Keys
    Miniature metal handcuffs that actually lock. Comes with two keys. 3 1/2" in length. Keys are tiny s..
  • Rex
    Rex the Dinosaur from Toy Story . 2" in height...
  • Opening Clam with Pearls
    Clear, opening clam with faux pearls inside for sand tray therapy. 2 1/2" in diameter...
  • Small Sand Sieve
    This durable sand sieve will last for many years. Made in Germany, a useful accessory for sand tray ..
  • Be Peace
    An angel of peace holding holding a globe.  Hand sculpted in the U.S.A., figure is 4" in height...
  • Plastic Coins (Set of 4)
    Four realistic U.S. coins made of plastic, each coin sized to scale of actual currency. Coins state ..
  • Deep Pond
    A wonderfully detailed recessed pond for sand tray therapy. Pond is 2" deep with stones around it an..
  • Mini Ninjas- Set of three
    Set of three mini ninjas in various poses and colors. Height 1.5"..
  • Mini Pots and Pans Set
    An eight piece metal set of mini pots and pans for sand tray therapy. Cute assortment of dishes will..
  • Tree with Birds
    This metal tree with posable branches looks bleak, expect for the colorful birds perched on its bran..
  • Striped Teepee
    Constructed of sturdy resin, this white and blue striped teepee is sure to strike up a pow-wow in yo..
  • Baby Rattles (Set of 2)
    Set of two small plastic baby rattles for sand tray therapy. Each rattle measures 1 1/2" in length...
  • Police Revolver
    A small plastic revolver, commonly used by police officers. Measures 1"...
  • Dragon in Den
    A dragon appears peering out of a den in this detailed statue for sand tray work. Larger size piece ..
  • Wolf
    Wolves travel in packs and their howls can be heard a great distance. This ones fierce green eyes an..
    $6.49 $7.10
  • Dragon Toob
    Six unique mini-figure dragons for sand tray. All distinct, some include wings and all are brightly ..
    $13.29 $13.99
  • Fireman holding Baby
    What a beautiful rescue! Fireman is smiling at baby with this sand tray miniature. Lots of detail, a..
    $7.79 $7.99
  • German Shepherd
    German Shepherds are a popular police dog, guide dog, and useful for herding. Miniature figure measu..
  • Mail Truck
    A white mail truck with pull back tires and opening rear door. Measures 4 1/2"...
  • Welcome Mat
    A lightweight, fabric welcome mat for sand tray therapy...
  • Pirate Figure
    Pirate figurine. 2 1/2" tall.  Pose and color will vary. Buy more than one to get a variety of ..
  • Fall Tree
    Looks like autumn has arrived with this captivating tree. Plastic base, slightly bendable limbs, and..
  • Rifle
    A painted metal rifle for sand tray therapy that's a nice size for your tray. Rifle measures 3 1/2" ..
  • Bird Bath
    Any bird would love to take a quick dip in this lovely little bird bath with a butterfly resting on ..
  • Squirt
    Squirt the sea turtle from Finding Nemo and Finding Dory. Measures 1 3/4"...
    $0.89 $2.49
  • Bruce
    Bruce the shark from Finding Nemo. Figurine is 2" in height. ..
  • Castle Wooden Figure Set (8 Piece)
    Royal bendable figures for play or sand tray. Set includes a king, queen, nobleman, two knights, and..
  • Catwoman
    She's poised on a ledge, ready for anything. Though usually a villain to Batman®, she sometimes join..
    $8.99 $9.99
  • Mustang Stallion
    A mustang stallion with nice detailing from Schleich®. Measures 1 1/4" x 5 1/2" x 4 1/4"...
  • Shalom Mat
    A doormat stating "Shalom" meaning peace in Hebrew.  Hand crafted mat measures 2'" x 1 1/4".&nb..
  • Broken Safe
    A plastic broken safe for sand tray therapy. Safe appears vandalized as if broken into. Door opens a..
  • Rustic Wishing Well
    A rustic, yet ornate, wishing well with turning handle for your sand tray. Perfectly sized..
  • Howler Monkey
    We love this little guys expression and think your clients will too. Native to South and Central Ame..
    $5.69 $5.99