Totika Self Esteem Game

Publisher:Open Spaces, LLC
Totika Self Esteem Game
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The original version of Totika. Includes the Self Esteem question card deck, which challenges players to talk about how to set and achieve goals, identify role models, develop coping and critical thinking skills, and strive for self improvement and success.  Players take turns pulling blocks from the stack and responding to questions. A fun and engaging way to start conversations with any group in any setting, Totika can also be a simple game of skill when used without the question cards. 

Ages 8 and up.


Additional Product Info

Recommended Ages: Ages 8 through Adult
Grade Level: Grades 3+
Players: 2 - 5
Printed in: China
CHOKING HAZARD - small parts
Not for children 3 years or under
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Excellent cards, blocks not great
by DOnna
November 10 2016
The game itself is popular with my clients, and the cards are excellent. However, the Totika wood blocks are not cut straight as one would expect. Thus, I would recommend investing in the sets of cards and buying an inexpensive Jenga tower and painting the blocks yourself.
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Questions are really good, a great game to play to get kids to open...
by Robyn
October 2 2018
Questions are really good, a great game to play to get kids to open up. The issue I have with this game is that the pieces are light and structure falls too quickly as a result.
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GREAT game for kids AND adults
by NLC
November 20 2014
This is a GREAT game for kids AND adults. The prompts are great for rapport-building. Whether you play with clients or family members, you'll end up learning new things about the other player/s.
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My students really love it
by Rachel
January 26 2015
I love Totika but more importantly, my students really love it. They can't wait to come to counseling. We ask questions and have fun. So glad I got this game!!!
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Great game
by Carol
July 20 2015
Totika is a great game and the different card sets make it easy to use with all kinds of kids/adults and all kinds of situations. This is a favorite therapeutic game of mine.
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Great game
by Amanda
March 24 2017
Great game to place with client's for an ice breaker activity or to focus on self-esteem issues.
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Great Game.
by Mike
February 11 2019
Great to use for any age. Gets the conversation started with fun but also in depth questions. Blocks are lighter than original Jenga but work well.
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Great way to start conversation
by Qlics
June 28 2019
Great way to start conversation
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Totika Self Esteem Game