Toys and Tools for Child Life Specialists

Toys and tools for the Child Life Specialist. Distraction toys, books, medical role play, art supplies and toys for use by a CLS in a hospital setting. Providing materials for your patients to cope with pain, loss, and illness.

  • What Color Are Tears?: A Grief and Loss Interactive Workbook
    by Marianne VandawalkerBitty Bunny has lost his good friend Robbie Rabbit and he is grieving in his ..
    $11.99 $13.95
  • When Someone Very Special Dies: Children Can Learn to Cope With Grief
    by Marge Heegaard This book was designed to teach basic concepts of death and help children understa..
    $8.99 $9.95
  • Sootheze White Tiger
    Weighted, scented, hot or cold therapy optionalCuddly, plushThis best-selling Sootheze® brand white ..
  • Cosmic Coil (Kinetic Ring Toy)
    Fascinating fidget toyComes with drawstring pouch and folds flatFidget alone or with a friendThis me..
    $10.49 $11.99
  • Rainbow Mesh Squeeze Ball
    Solid-color outside, when squeezed, multicolored rainbow pops through mesh. 2" in diameter. Assorted..
  • Super Lava Thinking Putty
    TearableBounceableSoft TextureWhen geothermal energy heats rock deep within the Earth, the molten re..
  • Grief is Like a Snowflake
    by Julia CookAlso available: Activity and Idea Book for Grief is Like a SnowflakeAfter the death of ..
    $8.29 $9.95
  • Boy Doll- African American
    13" plastic dollmoveable arms, legs and headA male doll for play therapy. Doll measures 13" and has ..
  • Stretchy Mice and Cheese
    A super stretchy sensory and fidget toy. Two little mice can be moved in and out of the holes. This ..
  • Clown Fish Water Snake
    Cute 4 1/2" water snakes come in assorted colors with clown fish inside. Clients, even adults, may e..
  • Feelmo Speaking Cards
    Feelmo Speaking Cards set contains 36 cards that display children experiencing some of the diverse s..
  • Healing Grief Card Deck: 55 Practices to Find Peace
    Ages David Kessler, one of the world’s foremost experts on death and grief, has created powerful cop..
    $14.99 $16.99
  • Doctor on Call (7 Piece)
    This seven piece doctor set is perfect for toddlers and younger children. Set includes soft zippered..
  • Mini Modeling Clay
    Small, portable 2 3/4" tub includes 13 different vibrant colors of modeling clay. Great for the ther..
  • Inside Out Ball
    This stretchy, squishy ball will keep your clients hands occupied as it's too fun to put down. Ball ..
  • Sea Otter Cove: A Relaxation Story
    by Lori Lite, Max StasuykChildren will love to experience belly breathing with playful sea otters an..
    $11.49 $12.95
  • Eggspressions
    Make learning about feelings fun with this set of six wood eggs with faces and an idea book. Durable..
  • Doodle Pad
    6"x9" premium paper for crayons, markers, chalk, and watercolor. Fifty sheets of premium white bond ..
  • Wince, The Monster of Worry
    Wince, The Monster of Worry can’t stop worrying!  If you have ever worried about anything, then mayb..
    $19.49 $21.50
  • Atom Ball
    A squeezable, stretchable 3 1/2" ball shaped like an atom. Great tactile fidget. Colors are assorted..
  • Floof Bucket
    Sensory, moldable funBring the "snow" inside!240 grams of floof includedFloof is like snow or soft c..
    $18.99 $19.99
  • Multicultural Skin Tone Markers
    This set of Crayola® brand multicultural markers includes eight diverse skin-tone colors. Markers ar..
    $3.99 $4.99
  • Knobby Ball 3
    Rubber ball in assorted colors with tiny soft spikes is fun to throw, bounce, and lightly squeeze. B..
  • Labyrinth Card Pack #1 (6 Cards)
    Useful for all agesRelief anxiety, stress, overstimulation, and angerSet of six labyrinths in heart,..
    $18.99 $19.95
  • Mini Spectra Light Globe
    A 4" tall globe wand with break away necklace. Hold the button and LED assorted lights whirl. A calm..
  • Spiky Sensory Rollers (3 Pack)
    Set of three spiky rollers are durable and useful for sensory seekers. Firm pressure for children, t..
  • Light Up Spin Ball
    This light up spin ball makes for a visually appeal fidget toy. Grip the ball with your thumb and fi..
    $7.99 $8.99
  • Meebie Add on: Therapy Pack
    Sometimes Meebie needs a little extra love and care. Therapy pack will prove beneficial for clients ..
  • Nurse Role Play Costume
    Hospital scrubs with i.d. tag Stethoscope, ear scope, thermometer, and syringe Soft baby incl..
  • Casey's Greatness Wings: Teaching Mindfulness, Connection & Courage to Children
    by Tammi Van Hollander LCSW RPTCasey's Greatness Wings is a playful, interactive story that can be t..
  • Wacky Tracks
    A fun fidgit that makes a clicking sound, Wacky Tracks come in assorted colors and form a plastic ch..
  • Celtic Mandalynth Travel Cards 10-Pack
    Pack of 10 full color cards in Celtic designs measure 5"x7" for portability.  Trace with your finger..
  • Playfoam Classic 4 Pack
    Squishy, squashy, shaping fun that never dries out. Four classic colors made of soft foam beads that..
  • Pretend and Play Doctor Play Set
    3 Piece SetAges 3-6 years oldAn inexpensive doctor role play set that's also great for the therapist..
  • Take a Deep Breath: A book about being brave
    Lucy is afraid of dogs, Josh doesn’t like to go in the pool, Dan doesn’t want the nurse to touch his..
    $11.99 $12.99
  • Flashing Puffer Ball 6
    Squishy, tentacle fun with this 6" puffer ball. Soft ball has a finger loop and and a flashing light..
  • Finger Labyrinth Travel Cards (10 cards)
    Pack of 10 full color cards in colorful designs measure 5"x7" for portability. Includes a heart shap..
  • Your Body: 5 Layer Girl Puzzle
    A 35 piece layered puzzle with each layer showing major body parts such as skin, organs, bones. Five..
  • Your Body: 5 Layer Boy Puzzle
    A 35 piece layered puzzle with each layer showing major body parts such as skin, organs, bones. Five..
  • Newton's Cradle
    Kinetic Energy! The classic desktop novelty for your office or therapy room. Measures 4.5" tall. Cli..
  • Peekaboo Sloth Fidget
    Your hands will never tire of fidgeting with these adorable sloths and trunk. Move the sloths in and..
    $4.89 $4.99
  • Slush Ball
    A soothing, firm ball filled with tiny microbeads in assorted colors.  ..
  • Garbage Truck
    A six inch garbage truck in assorted colors for sand tray or play. Back lifts and compactor slides. ..
  • Blank Person Pad
    40 oversized pages4 skin tonesHigh quality paper with blank figures already designed. Use pencils, c..
  • But What If? A Book About Feeling Worried
    Daisy’s family is moving, and Daisy is very worried. What if she doesn’t like her new home? What if ..
    $11.99 $12.99
  • Tear Soup: A Recipe for Healing After Loss
    If you are going to buy only one book on grief, this is the one to get! It will validate your grief ..
    $16.99 $21.95
  • Girl Doll - Native American
    13" plastic dollmoveable arms, legs and headA female doll for play therapy. Doll measures 13" with s..
  • Don't Stress Meowt Chubby Kitty
    Darling chubby kitties will help you squeeze your stresses right out. Squishy, soft kitty-shaped str..
    $3.79 $3.99
  • Fidget Cube Micro
    Assorted colors. All the fun of our popular fidget cube, now in a micro size! The cube itself is onl..
  • Puffer Ball 4
    Squeeze your stress away with this four inch puffer ball with a finger loop. Colors will vary. Soft ..
  • Doctor Role Play Costume
    9 piece set Ages 3-6 years Lots of extras provided in this role play set! A lab coat, surg..
  • Doctor Puppet
    A doctor puppet for your play room. Features a working mouth, removable clothing, and removable rod...
  • Twitch, The Monster of Frustration
    Twitch, the adorable curly horned monster always lets frustration get the better of him. He tries ha..
    $19.49 $21.50
  • Creative Interventions for Bereaved Children
    by Liana LowensteinA uniquely creative compilation of activities to help bereaved children express f..
    $18.99 $26.95
  • Crutches
    A pair of plastic crutches for sand tray therapy. Each crutch measures 4 3/4" in length. ..
  • Perplexus Original
    This highly rated maze game in a ball will have your clients mesmerized, challenged and having fun o..
    $24.99 $27.99
  • Wilderness Grief Journey
    Using the theme of traveling in the wilderness, the Wilderness Grief Journey uses bright outdoor pic..
    $44.99 $49.95
  • Sootheze Curly Bear
    This smaller sized Sootheze® is ideal for younger children or a small playroom. Teddy bear is scente..
    $16.97 $17.95
  • What to Do When You're Scared & Worried
    From a dread of spiders to panic attacks, kids have worries, anxiety, and fears, just like adults. T..
    $9.19 $10.99
  • Mood Cow Bingo Playing Cards
    Mood Cow includes 52 delightful cow themed playing cards. Play Mood Bingo and 14 other games su..
    $8.77 $11.97