Play Therapy Toys

  • Blue Knight Sword
    Made from sturdy and rugged high-quality EVA foam, this vividly-colored blue knight sword is worthy ..
    $ 14.99
  • Farm Animals  (Travel Ready)
    Twelve wood animals for play in a travel containerFrom "down on the farm" to your playroom, clients ..
    $ 9.97
  • Magnetic Firefighters
    A durable magnetic playboard that folds in half when not in use. Board is 18"x14" and comes with 33 ..
    $ 8.97
  • Feelings Flashlight and the Scary Sleepover
    Includes a flashlight with character images and voice affirmationsThe Scary Sleepover storybookWhate..
    $14.97 $19.99
  • Kimochi Clover Large
    CLOVER might sleep late, miss the bus, or forget your birthday but he always has the best intentions..
    $ 39.99
  • Magnetic Train Playboard
    A durable magnetic playboard that folds in half when not in use. Board is 18"x14" and comes with 22 ..
    $ 8.97
  • International Bread Set
    This set of 9 pretend play toy bread set includes a variety of breads from cultures around the world..
    $23.99 $29.99
  • Fuddle, the Monster of Confusion
    Fuddle, the  Monster of Confusion can never make up her mind. It’s as though you can hear her thinki..
    $19.49 $21.50
  • Kimochi Lovey Dove Large
    LOVEY DOVE is sweet and nurturing and is always there to help smooth out a lumpy situation. If the K..
    $ 39.99
  • Magnetic Boy with Bandages- 21 pieces
    Large Double-Sided Magnetic EaselWrite and Wipe20 Magnetic bandagesFolds flat to store or travelThe ..
    $ 19.99
  • Nola, The Monster of Loneliness
    Nola, the cuddly green Monster of Loneliness lives in a world of sunny skies and beautiful landscape..
    $19.49 $21.50
  • The Nose that Didn't Fit
    Rue, the Monster of Insecurity feels that his nose doesn't fit and spends most his time hoping that ..
    $ 11.99
  • Cook It: My Very Own Chef Set
    Six pieces stack together when not in useVibrantly coloredModern six piece cooking set includes pan,..
    $ 19.99
  • Rope
    An eight foot section of braided rope with tied ends make it easy to grab. You and your clients will..
    $4.79 $4.99
  • Write and Wipe Mirrors (Set of 4)
    Set of four write and wipe mirrors to encourage emotional and body awareness and self expression. 5"..
    $ 19.99
  • Squeek, The Monster of Innocence
    Squeek, the Monster of Innocence is a cotton candy pink little guy who lives in a bubble! A cuddly, ..
    $19.49 $21.50
  • Zorro Hat
    Black, foam-material Zorro® hat for role-play. Child-sized, recommended age 3+...
    $ 11.99
  • The Monster Who Couldn't Decide
    Fuddle, The Monster of Confusion, can't decide what's just right! Through the use of humorous rhymes..
    $ 11.99
  • Rose Playsilk
    A beautiful 35" square of dyed silk for countless uses in your playroom. Hand dyed and sewn in the U..
    $ 14.99
  • The Monster who Wanted it All
    Zelly, The Monster of Envy, wants EVERYTHING… especially if it belongs to someone else! From his clo..
    $ 11.99
  • Kimochis Mini Bella Rose
    BELLA ROSE is very sweet and conscientious of others. Bella Rose’s sensitive side and ability to emp..
    $ 16.99
  • Twiddle
    Twiddle is an amazing fidget toy and shape maker. Shape it, fidget it, crunch it, the possibilities ..
    $7.99 $9.99
  • Doll High Chair
    Featuring sturdy hardwood construction, this doll high chair has a permanently attached tray. Fits m..
    $ 59.99
  • Musical Eggs: 5 Piece Set
    Set of five musical eggs, all with different sounds! From jingles to rattles, these brightly colored..
    $ 33.99
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