Play Therapy Toys

  • Basket of Babies
    Six adorable soft baby dolls in a variety of skin tones. Included is a soft carrying pouch which mak..
    $32.99 $35.99
  • Gumby
    Size 6" bendable Gumby figure. A classic nondescript figure for play or sand tray...
    $ 7.99
  • Play House Reusable Cling-on Pad
    Over 175 cling-style stickers Perfect for playing house when you need something lightweight E..
    $ 5.99
  • Jumbo Pets
    Six large animals for playLargest animal, (dog) measures 8.5”L x 6”HSix realistically detailed jumbo..
    $ 24.99
  • Anatomically Correct Newborn Girl Outfit
    A white and pink tracksuit to fit the anatomically correct newborn girl. Will fit dolls up to 32 cen..
    $9.99 $10.98
  • School Bus 7
    A 7" school bus with pull back action, swing out stop sign, and door that opens and shuts. Recommend..
    $ 8.99
  • Army Helmet
    A durable plastic army helmet for dress up and role play that features an adjustable headband. Adjus..
    $ 7.99
  • Wooden Wheels Ambulance
    Small chunky ambulance made of beechwood for play therapy. With low friction metal axls for smooth r..
    $ 12.99
  • Mondo Inside Out Ball
    A larger sized version of the popular inside out ball and stretchy enough to fit on a child's head. ..
    $ 4.99
  • Kimochis Mini Cloud
    CLOUD is a bit unpredictable. One day he is happy, the next he is angry, and the next day—who knows,..
    $ 16.99
  • Kimochis Bella Rose Large
    Bella Rose helps kids learn how to:Be compassionate and empatheticShare true feelingsAvoid “masking”..
    $ 39.99
  • Deluxe Wooden Cooktop Set (17 Piece)
    This mini cooktop set is perfect for a smaller sized playroom. This seventeen piece set includes pla..
    $39.99 $49.99
  • Black Cloak
    Unlimited uses for this black cloak in your playroom. Whether a magician, wizard or villain your cli..
    $ 17.99
  • Flashing Puffer with Eyes
    A squeezeable, stretchy puffer ball with flashing light and adorable eyes. Colors are assorted, incl..
    $ 2.29
  • Picnic Set  (13 Piece)
    This thirteen piece picnic set is perfect for a smaller sized playroom. Play food and two plates can..
    $ 22.99
  • Tumble Wonder
    Tumble fidget sticks are the newest fidget craze and for good reason. Stand the stick upright the nu..
    $ 4.99
  • White Boa
    This white feather boa will make any child feel glamorous. Measures 3"...
    $ 5.99
  • Girl Doll- African American
    13" plastic dollmoveable arms, legs and headA female doll for play therapy. Doll measures 13" with s..
    $ 16.99
  • Tie-Back Black Mask
    Made of fabricTies in backThis soft black mask is versatile for role play. Lone Ranger style mask ti..
    $ 4.49
  • Anatomically Correct Child Tracksuit
    A tracksuit for boy or girl anatomically correct dolls sized for up to 40 cm. Will fit most boy and ..
    $ 13.99
  • Magnetic Playhouse
    Play house with this magnetic playhouse.  Durable folding board is 18"x14" and includes 33 magnetic ..
    $ 8.99
  • Fold and Go Barn with Accessories
    If you love the Fold and Go Dollhouse, this portable barn will be sure to please as well. Two story ..
    $ 39.99
  • Child-size Cooking Set
    Six piece cooking set is perfectly-sized for small hands. Quality aluminum cookware is great for pre..
    $39.99 $44.99
  • Drum! Click! Clack! (6 piece set)
    6 sturdy piecesFun for ages 3+This six piece wooden set includes 2 mallets, guiro shaker, kokiriko, ..
    $ 19.99
  • Pirate Hat and Eye Patch
    A soft rubber eye patch and felt pirate hat with gold trim for role play and dress up. One size fits..
    $ 7.99
  • Wood Cash Register
    Cash register with bar code scanner and card reader16 pieces of paper money and coins and 2  credit ..
    $ 32.99
  • Zelly, The Monster of Envy
    Zelly, the Monster of Envy is never happy with what he has. He becomes so focused on what others hav..
    $19.49 $21.50
  • Twitch, The Monster of Frustration
    Twitch, the adorable curly horned monster always lets frustration get the better of him. He tries ha..
    $19.49 $21.50
  • Rue, The Monster of Insecurity
    Rue the irresistible Monster of Insecurity with low self-esteem is ready to be loved. He doesn’t rea..
    $19.49 $21.50
  • Pink Sword
    Sturdy pink sword is made of soft but resistant multi-layer Eva foam. Not your typical sword, we lov..
    $ 11.99
  • Asteroid Putty
    Colorful putty in a fun light-up container! Stretch, pull, and squeeze it and stick it back in the A..
    $ 3.99
  • Multi-Ethnic Royal Court Set
    Add some medieval fun to your playroom with the Multi-Ethnic Royal Court Playset. 16 quality hardwoo..
    $24.99 $29.99
  • Girl Doll- Caucasian
    13" plastic dollmoveable arms, legs and headA female doll for play therapy. Doll measures 13" with s..
    $ 16.99
  • Boy Doll- Caucasian
    13" plastic dollmoveable arms, legs and headA male doll for play therapy. Doll measures 13" and has ..
    $ 16.99
  • Slip On Yellow Mask
    Made of strong feltStretchy bandHandmade soft mask with reinforced eyelets. The stretchy cord enable..
    $ 4.99
  • Sky Blue Playsilk
    A beautiful sky blue colored 35" square of dyed silk for countless uses in your playroom. Hand dyed ..
    $ 14.99
  • Feelings Flashlight and the Scary Sleepover
    Includes a flashlight with character images and voice affirmationsThe Scary Sleepover storybookWhate..
    $14.97 $19.99
  • 30 Elite Darts for Nerf Dart Gun
    Thirty darts for any N-Strike Elite Nerf® Blaster and suitable refill darts for small or large dart ..
    $ 9.99
  • Pink Princess Wand
    This beautifully crafted pink princess wand will have the princesses in your playroom granting wishe..
    $6.49 $6.99
  • Tank
    A green army tank for sand tray therapy or play therapy toy. Turret rotates. Tank is made in U.S.A. ..
    $ 6.99
  • The Monster Who Couldn't Decide
    Fuddle, The Monster of Confusion, can't decide what's just right! Through the use of humorous rhymes..
    $ 11.99
  • The Monster Who Wanted it All
    Zelly, The Monster of Envy, wants EVERYTHING… especially if it belongs to someone else! From his clo..
    $ 11.99
  • New Sprouts Plastic Baskets- Set of 4
    Set of four colorful baskets with handles for play or organizing. Children will enjoy carrying play ..
    $ 22.99
  • Wild West Vest Hoodie
    Easy on/easy off hoodie is a great piece for the budding sheriff. One piece vest includes a hoodie a..
    $ 18.99
  • Original Silly Putty
    It pulls, it stretches, it bounces. The original, classic Silly Putty brand: accept no substitutes. ..
    $0.99 $1.99
  • Pustifex Bubbles
    Best bubbles available! Pustifex bubbles are imported from Germany and are well-known for producing ..
    $ 1.49
  • Girl Doll- Asian
    13" plastic dollmoveable arms, legs and headA female doll for play therapy. Doll measures 13" with s..
    $ 16.99
  • Boy Doll- Hispanic
    13" plastic dollmoveable arms, legs and headA male doll for play therapy. Doll measures 13" and has ..
    $ 16.99
  • Clapper
    What's more fun than clapping hands? These colorful wooden castanets from Hape. Made of wood with ch..
    $1.79 $2.99
  • Pretend Play Kitchen Set (76 Piece)
    Get everything but the kitchen sink with this vibrantly colored 76 piece kitchen set. Set includes p..
    $ 49.99
  • Shield Fidget Spinner
    With a very heavy feel, this all-metal bronze-colored spinner will delight fans of everything mediev..
    $8.97 $19.97
  • Doll Underwear Set
    Doll clothes help children to develop manipulative skills, allowing them to become familiar with dif..
    $ 8.99
  • Nola, The Monster of Loneliness
    Nola, the cuddly green Monster of Loneliness lives in a world of sunny skies and beautiful landscape..
    $19.49 $21.50
  • Fuddle, the Monster of Confusion
    Fuddle, the  Monster of Confusion can never make up her mind. It’s as though you can hear her thinki..
    $19.49 $21.50
  • Squeek, The Monster of Innocence
    Squeek, the Monster of Innocence is a cotton candy pink little guy who lives in a bubble! A cuddly, ..
    $19.49 $21.50
  • Rope
    An eight foot section of braided rope with tied ends make it easy to grab. You and your clients will..
    $4.79 $4.99
  • Enchanted Star Playsilk
    A beautiful 35"x35"  dark blue dyed silk covered in stars for countless uses in your playroom. This ..
    $ 17.99
  • Galactic Green Laser Weapon
    A durable foam green saber with white stripe down the middle will endure hours of play. Measures 2 f..
    $ 9.99
  • Boy Doll - Asian
    13" plastic dollmoveable arms, legs and headA male asian boy doll for play therapy. Doll measures 13..
    $ 16.99
  • Kimochis Mini Huggtopus
    HUGGTOPUS is, needless to say, all smiles and hugs. She is very affectionate and strong and sometime..
    $ 16.99