Play Therapy Toys

  • Battling Pirates- 36 piece
    It's life versus death with this 36 piece play set. Pirate skeletons and live pirates battle it out ..
  • Latches Board
    A wooden board with six latches and colorful pictures will engage your clients for hours. Help your ..
    $21.99 $24.99
  • Bubble Ball
    A brightly colored velvety-soft ball for general play. Sensory seekers may enjoy the soft texture. E..
    $7.49 $8.00
  • Clapper
    What's more fun than clapping hands? These colorful wooden castanets from Hape. Made of wood with ch..
  • Boy Doll- Hispanic
    13" plastic dollmoveable arms, legs and headA male doll for play therapy. Doll measures 13" and has ..
  • Style It! (6 Piece Set)
    Your clients will enjoy this kid-sized version of grooming essentials. Six piece set includes a stor..
    $16.99 $24.99
  • Ray Guns (set of 2)
    A set of two ray guns for play therapy. Actually squirt guns, these are a useful aggression tool tha..
  • Annie Drink and Wet (Doll and 4 Accessories)
    Poseable baby doll with open and close eyespotty chair, pacifier, bottle, and diaper includedA twelv..
    $21.99 $26.99
  • Flashing Puffer with Eyes
    A squeezeable, stretchy puffer ball with flashing light and adorable eyes. Colors are assorted, incl..
  • Cosmic Shock Phaser
    Have a blast with the intergalactic Cosmic Shock Phazer. Great when you need a gun that isn't realis..
    $7.99 $9.99
  • Kimochis Mini Huggtopus
    HUGGTOPUS is, needless to say, all smiles and hugs. She is very affectionate and strong and sometime..
  • Jet Fighter
    A jet fighter for play or sand tray. Die cast jet has pull-back action and measures 4 1/2"...
  • The Monster Who Wanted it All Book
    Zelly, The Monster of Envy, wants EVERYTHING… especially if it belongs to someone else! From his clo..
    $11.99 $14.99
  • The Nose that Didn't Fit
    Rue, the Monster of Insecurity feels that his nose doesn't fit and spends most his time hoping that ..
  • Fidget Counter
    You fidget, it counts it. Fun way to fidget with friends, or break your own records. Counts up to 9,..
  • Kimochis Bella Rose Large
    Bella Rose helps kids learn how to:Be compassionate and empatheticShare true feelingsAvoid “masking”..
  • The Monster Who Couldn't Decide
    Fuddle, The Monster of Confusion, can't decide what's just right! Through the use of humorous rhymes..
  • Rue, The Monster of Insecurity
    Rue the irresistible Monster of Insecurity with low self-esteem is ready to be loved. He doesn’t rea..
    $19.49 $21.50
  • Forklift
    Get things done with this realistic die cast mini forklift. A great size for the sandtray, this fork..
  • New Sprouts Fix It! (6 piece)
    This six piece tool set is perfect for the little builder. Toddler safe tools made from durable, sof..
    $18.99 $24.99
  • Mini Modeling Clay
    Small, portable 2 3/4" tub includes 13 different vibrant colors of modeling clay. Great for the ther..
  • Anatomically Correct Caucasian Girl Doll
    An anatomically correct doll with moveable arms and legs. Hair is stitched on for long-lasting quali..
    $21.99 $26.98
  • Galaxy Hat
    This astronomy-inspired hat may spark galactic adventures in your playroom. Easy to take on and off,..
    $10.99 $12.99
  • Castle Wooden Figure Set (8 Piece)
    Royal bendable figures for play or sand tray. Set includes a king, queen, nobleman, two knights, and..
  • Squeek, The Monster of Innocence
    Squeek, the Monster of Innocence is a cotton candy pink little guy who lives in a bubble! A cuddly, ..
    $19.49 $21.50
  • Kimochis Mixed Feelings Pack 3 (set of 6)
    Set of six playful Kimochis are a fun way to learn and express emotions. Talking about feelings can ..
  • Economy Firefighters (Set of 5)
    Set of five firefighters in various colors and poses. Each figure measures 2 1/2". Made in U.S.A...
  • Toy Telescope
    What far off scenes do you see through the telescope? Classic toy has many uses for dress up for the..
    $9.99 $12.99
  • Knobby Ball 3
    Rubber ball in assorted colors with tiny soft spikes is fun to throw, bounce, and lightly squeeze. B..
  • Tank
    A green army tank for sand tray therapy or play therapy toy. Turret rotates. Tank is made in U.S.A. ..
  • Fuddle, the Monster of Confusion
    Fuddle, the  Monster of Confusion can never make up her mind. It’s as though you can hear her thinki..
    $19.49 $21.50
  • Socker Bopper Inflatable Gloves
    These air inflated vinyl gloves are more fun than a pillow fight! Just blow them up and get ready to..
  • Girl Doll- African American
    13" plastic dollmoveable arms, legs and headA female doll for play therapy. Doll measures 13" with s..
  • Pirate Hat and Eye Patch
    A soft rubber eye patch and felt pirate hat with gold trim for role play and dress up. One size fits..
  • Sky Blue Playsilk
    A beautiful sky blue colored 35" square of dyed silk for countless uses in your playroom. Hand dyed ..
  • Bendable Soldier
    Two piece set! Soldier in combat fatigue with removable assault rifle. You may want a few for sand t..
  • Slip On Yellow Mask
    Made of strong feltStretchy bandHandmade soft mask with reinforced eyelets. The stretchy cord enable..
  • Tumble Wonder
    Tumble fidget sticks are the newest fidget craze and for good reason. Stand the stick upright the nu..
  • Play House Reusable Cling-on Pad
    Over 175 cling-style stickersPerfect for playing house when you need something lightweightEndless va..
  • Wiggle Eye Finger Puppet
    Adorable little set of eyes to wrap around your fingers in various colors. One finger puppet...
    $0.74 $1.00
  • Happy Moodster Coz
    Cuddly talking plushIncluded activity book and stickersMeet the Moodsters and Happy Coz! Moodsters a..
  • Jumbo Insects
    Set of seven insects for playLargest measures 8" longnon-toxic plasticPreschool and elementary aged ..
    $25.99 $34.99
  • Sheriff
    A vintage inspired western sheriff with gun drawn and finely crafted. Measures 3.12" x 0.78" x 3.9"...
    $6.99 $7.99
  • Original Silly Putty
    It pulls, it stretches, it bounces. The original, classic Silly Putty brand: accept no substitutes. ..
    $0.99 $1.99
  • Tie-Back Black Mask
    Made of fabricTies in backThis soft black mask is versatile for role play. Lone Ranger style mask ti..
  • Multicultural Food Set
    A 15 piece set of foods from around the world including sushi roll, shrimp, gouda cheese, rice bowl,..
    $23.99 $29.99
  • Bendable Wooden Doll Family (Economy)
    This four piece family includes a father, mother, son, and daughter figures. Arms and legs bend. The..
  • Garbage Truck
    A six inch garbage truck in assorted colors for sand tray or play. Back lifts and compactor slides. ..
  • Jack and the Beanstalk Wooden Figure Set
    This seven piece fairy tale set is packed with symbolic value for your sandtray, or for general stor..
    $22.99 $24.95
  • Floating Ball
    Gently blow through the wooden tube to make the ball levitate just like magic. Great as a breathing ..
    $2.99 $3.49
  • Anatomically Correct Hispanic Boy Doll
    An anatomically correct doll with moveable arms and legs. Hair is stitched on for long-lasting quali..
    $21.99 $26.98
  • Jumping Putty
    Jumping putty in assorted colors. Putty squeezes, stretches, molds and bounces. ..
  • Magnetic Playhouse
    Play house with this magnetic playhouse.  Durable folding board is 18"x14" and includes 33 magnetic ..
    $8.99 $9.99
  • Feelings Flashlight and the Scary Sleepover
    Includes a flashlight with character images and voice affirmationsThe Scary Sleepover storybookWhate..
    $14.97 $19.99
  • Feelings Notebook & Feelings Crayons
    50 page notebook with strategies for dealing with feelings5 emotion crayonsThe Moodsters are feeling..
  • Girl Doll- Hispanic
    13" plastic dollmoveable arms, legs and headA female doll for play therapy. Doll measures 13" with s..
    $16.99 $18.99
  • Jenna 12
    A twelve inch soft bodied baby doll dressed in a pink outfit and cap. Baby can suck thumb or include..
    $21.99 $24.99
  • Mega Twiddle
    Unlimited Fun, Shapes, Stress Relief & More! Mega Twiddle is a shape maker and fidget to..
  • Girl Doll- Asian
    13" plastic dollmoveable arms, legs and headA female doll for play therapy. Doll measures 13" with s..
  • Wooden Maraca
    Keep the rhythm going with fun musical wooden maracas. Maracas come in assorted colors, buy more tha..