Finger Puppets

  • Mouse Finger Puppet
    This may be the one mouse that won't make you scream. If there is such a thing as a cute mouse, this..
  • Monkey Finger Puppet
    Soft monkey finger puppet from Folkmanis. Slips right over your finger. Size 5"..
    $8.99 $9.99
  • Mini Spotted Owl  Puppet
    High QualityPlushRealisticAdorable little spotted owl finger puppet. Owl slips right over your finge..
  • Hedgehog Finger Puppet
    No worries, this cute little fellow only looks like it has spines. Hedgehog finger puppet will make ..
  • Mini Turtle Finger Puppet
    Children won't be able to resist this adorable little turtle. Fingers fit inside the head and front ..
    $9.49 $10.49
  • Mini Spider Finger Puppet
    High Quality Folkmanis BrandPlush, with gangly long legs, this little puppet is perfect for storytel..
    $8.99 $9.99
  • Monarch Butterfly Finger Puppet
    Lightweight, semi-transparent wings flutter up and down when this monarch is on your finger. Stretch..
  • Squeeze Dino Popper
    Squeeze this rubber volcano and an angry dinosaur pops out! Let go, and he retracts back into his hi..
  • Fox Finger Puppet
    You'll be sure to be as sly as a fox when you get this fox finger puppet for your playroom. Fuzzy an..
  • Mini Frog Finger Puppet
    Small frog finger puppet with bright eyes and realistic detailing. Frog measures 5 x 6 x 3 inches ..
  • Lop Ear Rabbit Finger Puppet
    We don't know who will like this sweet bunny more- you or your clients. With it's plush body, long e..
  • Shark Finger Puppet
    Tiny realistic shark finger puppet. Grip it with your index finger and thumb to reveal its ferocious..
  • Caucasian Family Finger Puppets
    Set of six cute little finger puppets for play and storytelling. Includes grandparents, parents, son..
  • Wiggle Eye Finger Puppet
    Adorable little set of eyes to wrap around your fingers in various colors. One finger puppet...
  • Robin Finger Puppet
    Soft robin finger puppet with realistic eyes. Have you tried Folkmanis puppets yet? If not, you don'..
  • Mermaid Finger Puppet
    A mermaid finger puppet for storytelling and play. Attach the puppet with the loop on the back, appr..
  • Mini Emperor Baby Penguin Finger Puppet
    Small soft, plush finger puppet wants to waddle it's way to your playroom. Mini puppet will fit well..
  • Firefly Finger Puppet
    Firefly finger puppet slips on your finger and lights up via a battery operate light-switch. Cute an..
  • Mini Snake Finger Puppet
    We rarely call snakes cute but this one is almost adorable! Slip it right over your finger for play ..
  • Mini Rabbit in Hat Puppet
    Adorable bunny rabbit finger puppet in a hat. Finger goes in the rabbit and can make it pop up out o..
  • Dragon Finger Puppet
    With it's cute blue eyes, polka dot wings, and crooked smile, this dragon finger puppet is ready for..
  • Bat Finger Puppet
    This bat puppet is nearly true to size and fits on your finger. A nocturnal, flying mammal, and this..
    $15.99 $17.99