• Life Cycle of a Butterfly Reversible Puppet
      This plush puppet is interchangeabl to reveal the metamorphosis of a butterfly. Use the zippers to t..
    • Three Headed Dragon Puppet
      3 moveable mouths and moveable armsFantastic Detailing Multi-headed dragons are a frequent metaphor ..
      $22.99 $29.99
    • Snowy Owl Hand Puppet
      This snowy owl is a real header turner! Soft, realistic owl puppet is able to turn it's head 360 deg..
      $23.99 $35.99
    • Rattlesnake Puppet
      A 36" rattlesnake puppet with a rattle in it's tail and realistic teeth. Mouth is movable...
    • Black and White Dog Puppet
      This smaller sized dog puppet is handy for the on-the-go therapist. Movable mouth, legs and super so..
      $12.99 $16.99
    • Mouse Finger Puppet
      This may be the one mouse that won't make you scream. If there is such a thing as a cute mouse, this..
    • Mini Spotted Owl  Puppet
      High QualityPlushRealisticAdorable little spotted owl finger puppet. Owl slips right over your finge..
    • Octopus Puppet
      A delightful octopus hand puppet for play therapy. Slip hand inside the glove to wiggle tentacles. R..
      $29.99 $35.99
    • Orange Tabby Kitten Puppet
      Beautifully CraftedNumerous variations for animationThis orange kitty with whiskers may wisk your cl..
    • Hedgehog Hand Puppet
      Cute hedgehog hand puppet rolls into a ball and has super soft fur and beady eyes. Fun to play with ..
    • Monkey Puppet
      Super soft monkey hand puppet. Manipulate this sweet monkeys head, mouth and arms and see what sort ..
    • Tortoise Puppet
      This puppet may become a favorite in your playroom quickly. With it's moveable head, legs, and abili..
      $21.99 $24.99
    • Firefly Finger Puppet
      Firefly finger puppet slips on your finger and lights up via a battery operate light-switch. Cute an..
    • Tyrannosaurus Rex Hand Puppet
      T-Rex hand puppet from Folkmanis® has shiny "scales", and animatable mouth and arms. Measures 11 x 1..
      $28.99 $33.99
    • Standing White Rabbit Puppet
      A highly rated standing white rabbit puppet. Mouth and front paws can be animated. Soft, cuddly, and..
      $22.99 $25.99
    • Mini Spider Finger Puppet
      High Quality Folkmanis BrandPlush, with gangly long legs, this little puppet is perfect for storytel..
      $8.99 $9.99
    • Mini Frog Finger Puppet
      Small frog finger puppet with bright eyes and realistic detailing. Frog measures 5 x 6 x 3 inches ..
    • Enchanted Tree Puppet
      Moveable eyes, limbs, and mouthThis Enchanted Tree Puppet, is, well, enchanting! Children will adore..
      $29.99 $41.99
    • Giant Clam Hand Puppet
      Animate the clam shell and eyes on this exquisite hand puppet from Folkmanis® to reveal a pearl tuck..
    • Fluffy Cat Hand Puppet
      A soft, fluffy cat puppet from Folkmanis®. Animate it's mouth and front arms. Adorable cat for story..
    • Wolf Puppet
      A timber wolf puppet with piercing eyes and full body. Whiskers, plush, and soft, superior detailing..
      $33.99 $41.99
    • Grizzly Bear Puppet
      Though fierce in real life, this grizzly bear has soft claws, plush fur, and loves to cuddle. Movabl..
      $37.99 $43.99
    • Mini Turtle Finger Puppet
      Children won't be able to resist this adorable little turtle. Fingers fit inside the head and front ..
      $9.49 $10.49
    • Red Fox Puppet
      If you're sly, you'll get this realistic fox puppet for your playroom! Tufts of white soft fur, move..
      $31.99 $37.99
    • Small Peacock Hand Puppet
      Animate the feathers or head of this bright colored peacock puppet. Soft puppet measures 6 x 11 x 10..
      $24.99 $29.99
    • Monarch Butterfly Finger Puppet
      Lightweight, semi-transparent wings flutter up and down when this monarch is on your finger. Stretch..
    • Elephant Hand Puppet
      With its ultra-soft microfiber fabric, movable mouth and trunk, and nice size, clients will enjoy th..
      $37.99 $51.99
    • Baby Chimpanzee Puppet
      Animate the hands and mouth of this super soft baby chimp puppet. Highly rated and dearly beloved by..
    • Wyvern the Dragon Puppet
      Adding to the Folkmanis family of award-winning dragon puppets is this timeless symbol of heraldry, ..
    • Hedgehog Finger Puppet
      No worries, this cute little fellow only looks like it has spines. Hedgehog finger puppet will make ..
    • Robin Finger Puppet
      Soft robin finger puppet with realistic eyes. Have you tried Folkmanis puppets yet? If not, you don'..
    • Fox Finger Puppet
      You'll be sure to be as sly as a fox when you get this fox finger puppet for your playroom. Fuzzy an..
    • Skunk Puppet
      A skunk puppet for play therapy measuring 14 x 4 x 5 inches. What a wonderful metaphor for therapeut..
      $19.99 $21.99
    • Mini Emperor Baby Penguin Finger Puppet
      Small soft, plush finger puppet wants to waddle it's way to your playroom. Mini puppet will fit well..
    • Bat Finger Puppet
      This bat puppet is nearly true to size and fits on your finger. A nocturnal, flying mammal, and this..
      $15.99 $17.99
    • Mini Rabbit in Hat Puppet
      Adorable bunny rabbit finger puppet in a hat. Finger goes in the rabbit and can make it pop up out o..
    • Chameleon Hand Puppet
      All size hands fit inside this chameleon and the tongue can be extended too! Useful for play and sto..
      $28.99 $34.99