Zest: Live It!

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By Tamara Zentic MS, Lisa M. Griffin

Generate more energy and enthusiasm in teens and pre-teens. Help young people understand the thrill of finding the passion and joy life has to offer, regardless of the challenges they face. 

We’ve all been there before. Dark, gloomy Monday mornings when we’d rather stay in bed than face the challenges of the day. But imagine if every day felt that way. Imagine if you never really felt compelled or impassioned to get out and live life! 

ZEST is the pep you need to get out there, look life in the eye and live! ZEST, like all executive functions, can be difficult for some students to grasp, especially those at the middle and secondary level. But learning this critical component of social-emotional development can make all the difference in a young person's ability to enjoy the spice of life.

Paperback, 32 pages, ISBN: 9781934490884

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Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9781934490884
Page count: 32
Recommended Ages: Not specified. See product description.
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Zest: Live It!