• Mashoonga Foam Bats
      Set of two 33" long bats can be used as sabers or swords for play therapy. Mashoonga can be stored w..
      $37.99 $38.99
    • Wacky Tracks
      A fun fidgit that makes a clicking sound, Wacky Tracks come in assorted colors and form a plastic ch..
    • Magic Baby Bottles
      Set of two "magic" baby bottles with disappearing milk and juice. Use these bottles with any baby do..
    • Foam Pirate Sword
      Pirate sword with handle for aggressive play. Made of strong foam for safety. 18" total length...
    • Squigglet
      A wearable fidget for children and adults with ADHD, SPD, or on the autism spectrum. Squigglets are ..
    • Gumby
      Size 6" bendable Gumby figure. A classic nondescript figure for play or sand tray...
    • Mini Modeling Clay
      Small, portable 2 3/4" tub includes 13 different vibrant colors of modeling clay. Great for the ther..
    • Ring Toss (5 Posts)
      A wood platform with five posts and five natural rope rings. Children will enjoy this classic game i..
    • Boinks
      A five inch woven nylon tube that bends, stretches and flings. Add a marble inside, use it as a fing..