Children who Bully: Strategies for Recognizing and Responding to Them DVD

Children who Bully: Strategies for Recognizing and Responding to Them DVD

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by Signe Whitson LSW-C-SSWS

1 hour, 55 minutes

Young people who bully often master the art of blending in with the crowd, flying under an adult’s radar and wreaking havoc in subtle ways. In fact, many socially aggressive kids actually top an adult’s “what a nice kid!” list and make their way into their victims’ inner circle before revealing their true intentions. Blink and even the most astute observer may miss the child’s hostile actions the first few times around. 

This workshop will provide information, activity ideas, and clear-cut strategies for what adults can do to understand and change relational bullying in schools, treatment programs, communities, and families. You’ll explore:

  • Strategies for building social-emotional competence in kids, including building empathy and compassion as “antidotes” to relational bullying
  • Information and advice for cultivating digital citizenship and dealing with cyberbullying
  • Specific wording to use for stopping bullying whenever it’s observed directly


  • Learning Objectives
  • Strategy One - Know Bullying When You See Bullying
  • Strategy Two - Build Social-Emotional Competence
  • Strategy Three - Stop Bullying When You See Bullying
  • Strategy Four - Deal with Cyberbullying
  • Strategy Five - Make it Easy for Kids to Talk About Bullying

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