• Mini Tales and Legends Tub (12 Piece)
      From Papo, enjoy twelve figurines with exquisite detailing. You and your clients will love this stur..
      $22.99 $25.99
    • Standing Tiger
      Vivid, hand-painted standing tiger in a fearsome pose for sandplay. A wonderful addition for your co..
      $6.99 $7.99
    • Magician
      Bring the magic to life with this authentic looking magician for sand tray therapy. Lots of detail f..
      $7.99 $8.49
    • Panda with Baby
      A panda holding it's baby in a cradled position for sand tray therapy. Dimensions 2 1/2" x 2" x 3"..
      $7.49 $8.49
    • Fireman holding Baby
      What a beautiful rescue! Fireman is smiling at baby with this sand tray miniature. Lots of detail, a..
      $7.99 $8.49
    • Green Dragon with Flame
      What's more to say? The flame and glowing eyes say it all: stay back! Intricate detailing and hand p..
      $7.99 $8.49
    • Princess of Darkness
      A princess in a black dress, solemn expression, and holding a sword. Figurine measures 3.32" x 1.56"..
      $7.69 $7.99
    • Papo Fence
      Set of four fence pieces interlock or can be used separately for sand tray therapy...
      $8.99 $9.99
    • Adult Elephant
      Lots of detail in this hand painted elephant for your sand tray. Elephant is 3 1/2" tall and a very ..
      $7.99 $8.50
    • Ghost
      A shackled ghost that glows in the dark for sand tray therapy. Figurine is almost 4" tall. ..
      $7.99 $8.49
    • Mini Fantasy Tub (12 Piece)
      From Papo, enjoy twelve tiny mythical creatures. Each figure is approximately 1 1/2" tall. Set inclu..
      $18.99 $19.99
    • Faceless Knight
      An ominous cloaked knight from Papo® that measures 3.54 x 3.35 x 3.15 inches...
      $7.69 $7.99
    • Starry Fairy
      A beautiful fairy resembling a fairy godmother. Fairy has a star on her head and holding a magic wan..
      $7.49 $7.99
    • Robin Hood
      A well crafted figurine for sand tray therapy, Robin Hood is crouching with his bow drawn and has gr..
      $6.79 $7.99
    • Evil Queen
      A fantastically detailed evil queen for sand tray therapy. Queen has a raven on her hand and holding..
      $8.49 $8.99
    • Chameleon
      The chameleon is known for its ability to change colors and blend in with its surroundings. A symbol..
      $6.99 $8.50
    • Wolf (Howling)
      Wolves are a symbolic animal for many cultures and this howling wolf is realistic with it's coloring..
      $6.49 $7.00
    • Gold Two-Headed Dragon
      It's hard to capture the beauty of this two-headed dragon in a picture. From the fire pouring out, s..
      $22.99 $29.99
    • Sloth
      With it's slow movements, adorable face, and distinguishing features, the sloth is a well-loved anim..
      $6.49 $6.99
    • Mouse
      What's that critter scampering underfoot? Why, a small mouse figurine for sand tray therapy of cours..
      $3.49 $3.99
    • Knight with Bow
      An archer with drawn bow for sand tray or play therapy. Splendidly finished. 5.1" tall...
      $7.79 $7.99
    • Bat
      Remarkably realistic bat for sand tray. Bat measures 3.5" long...
      $4.99 $7.00
    • Wizard with Staff
      New for 2018! This wizard figurine with an ornate staff, pointy hat, and moon and star inspired neck..
    • Baby Elephant
      Darling baby elephant sand tray miniature. The extended trunk can hook around the tail of the adult ..
      $2.99 $3.50
    • Queen (Papo Brand)
      A traditional looking queen for sand tray therapy measuring 3 3/4" in height. Lovely details like a ..
      $7.99 $8.49
    • Enchantress
      This female magician is ready to create some magic. With her glittery dress and delicate wand, she i..
      $7.79 $7.99
    • Tortoise
      With their protective shell, ability to retract inside and persistence, this  realistically detailed..
      $4.99 $5.99
    • Nursing Tigress with cubs (2 figures)
      Mother tiger is lying for her three hungry cubs to nurse. Cubs are a separate figurine and have deta..
      $16.99 $18.99
    • Roaring Lion
      The King of the Jungle is ready to be the king in your sand tray. Fabulous detailing on this sturdy ..
      $7.79 $7.99
    • Owl
      We've had requests for an owl miniature and love this one from Papo. Lots of detail, superior qualit..
      $6.69 $6.99
    • King Cobra
      A venomous snake, the king cobra is also legendary in folk tales and myths. 2" tall, plastic..
      $6.29 $6.99
    • Filled Treasure Chest
      A plastic hinged treasure chest with gold and treasures fixed inside.  3.2 x 3.9 x 2 inches..
      $6.99 $7.99
    • Vulture
      This notable bird of prey is a scavenger and will eat already deceased animals or seek wounded anima..
      $6.49 $6.99
    • Charging Bull
      A charging Texan bull for sand tray therapy. A very sturdy, hand painted, high quality figurine. 3" ..
      $7.79 $7.99
    • Mini Knights and Horses Tub (12 Piece)
      From Papo, enjoy eight knights and four horses. Each figure is approximately 1 1/2" tall.  Lots of d..
    • Black Leopard
      This black leopard is in a stalking position and is beautifully finished with piercing eyes. 5" long..
      $6.49 $6.99
    • Knight in Armor
      Protected by head to foot armor, a lance, and shield, this knight is on the defense.  3.5" tall, hel..
      $7.99 $9.00
    • Tarantula
      A nearly life-sized tarantula for sandplay. Superior quality figure measuring 4” x 3.5” x 1"  from P..
      $6.79 $6.99
    • King (Papo Brand)
      This king features all the details you've come to appreciate from Papo. With his golden crown and ca..
      $7.79 $7.99
    • Camel
      A durable camel figurine for sand tray therapy. Native to the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia t..
      $6.49 $6.99
    • Pink Fairy
      With a jeweled dress and gold wand, this Pink Fairy will be a sweet addition to your sand tray minia..
      $7.79 $7.99
    • Polar Bear
      One of the largest land-based carnivores, this polar bear is stretching out it's paw and ready to pl..
      $6.49 $6.99
    • Mini Pirates and Corsairs Tub (12 Piece)
      From Papo, enjoy all sorts of pirate goodness with this tub of mini figures. Mutant pirates, dead pi..
    • Donkey
      Donkeys have a rich history of being portrayed in folklore, tales, some religious cultures and even ..
      $5.29 $5.50
    • Falconer
      Falconers train predatory birds, such as the perched falcon on this one's glove, for hunting. Beauti..
      $6.49 $7.00
    • Knight with Red Feather
      A detailed armored knight from Papo. Shield and sword are removable. Knight measures 3.4 x 3.7 x 3.2..
      $7.79 $7.99
    • Stork with Baby
      Used in folklore to deliver babies, this stork has had its own baby. Fine, hand-painted details...
    • Cat Sitting Down
      A gray and white cat sand tray miniature. Cat measures 0.91 x 1.97 x 2.76 inches..
      $4.99 $5.50
    • Hippopotamus
      A wonderfully detailed hippopotamus with it's mouth open. Hippos are known for being aggressive and ..
      $9.79 $13.00
    • Sheep
      A sheep figurine for sand tray therapy. Sheep are significant in some religious and cultural setting..
      $4.99 $5.50
    • Standing Polar Bear
      Superb, erect polar bear figurine for sand tray therapy. Measures 5.5" tall...
      $7.99 $8.50
    • Black and White Cow
      A black and white holstein cow for sand tray therapy. Cow measures 5.6 x 2.3 x 3.5 inches..
      $6.99 $7.99
    • Veterinarian
      This veterinarian from Papo® will be a useful helper figure for your collection. Female vet. holding..
      $4.99 $5.50
    • Wild Boar
      Wild boars are native to parts of Europe, Asia, and North Africa. An omnivore, wild boars eat plants..
      $4.99 $5.50
    • Tamer
      This tamer looks like he's straight from a circus performance. Hand-painted details...
      $6.49 $7.00