The Power of Play: Proven Strategies for Trauma and Attachment in Children & Adolescents DVD

The Power of Play: Proven Strategies for Trauma and Attachment in Children & Adolescents DVD

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By Clair Mellenthin LCSW RTP-S

Play Therapy is a powerful tool when treating children and teens who have experienced trauma. Play therapy offers the child a safe space where they can feel in control, learn how to identify and manage distressing symptoms of their trauma, and give language to what they are feeling within their body and mind. In this workshop, we will explore how trauma impacts the brain, the resulting impact on the parent-child relationship, as well as treat and resolve trauma symptoms utilizing play therapy techniques.

  • Impact of trauma on brain development and behavior
  • 4 key concepts of attachment theory
  • The powerful relationship between trauma and attachment in parent and child
  • Innovative and creative play therapy to use immediately in your practice
  • 15+ new play therapy techniques to heal families and children who experience trauma and attachment

By giving children opportunities to work in a permissive setting, you will observe and document how children utilize gradual exposure, gain an understanding of traumatic experiences, discharge affect, and begin to manage experiences that can feel overwhelming or frightening. This trauma-anchored model shows you how to integrate prescriptive strategies as needed with child-centered play therapy. It deepens metaphor work by amplifying the child’s ability to explore the material they externalize, and provides the child with a safe, predictable environment for processing interpersonal trauma. You will learn theory and techniques that values children’s pacing, respects defensive strategies, and seeks to help children build alternative skills to cope with difficult thoughts, emotions or behaviors.

In this innovative day-long workshop, you will walk away with creative play therapy tools to use immediately in your practice and the confidence to treat the most challenging of cases.

3 DVDs. Run time: 6 hours 12 minutes.

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