How Rude! in a Jar

How Rude! in a Jar
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Understanding polite behavior is more than knowing which fork to use for salad at a fancy restaurant. With his signature style and humor, Alex J. Packer offers up small cards that pack a mighty manners punch. Unique, often quirky, and sometimes hilarious, the social skills activities in this jar will help kids and teens learn how to treat others with courtesy, empathy, kindness, and respect—and have plenty of fun along the way.

Sample cards:

  • Do you think people today are more polite, less polite, or the same compared to five years ago? Why do you think that is?
  • Mini-Minute Debate: “HE STARTED IT!” If somebody’s rude to you, is it okay to be rude back? Select three debaters to each make the case for one of these positions: NO, YES, IT DEPENDS
  • Your sister always barges into your room without knocking. Other than attacking her with a water balloon, what would the best response be?


Additional Product Info

ISBN: 9781631981500
Recommended Ages: Ages 9+
Grade Level: Grades 4+
Printed in: USA
CHOKING HAZARD - small parts
Not for children 3 years or under
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How Rude! in a Jar