When Devon Met Oz: Helping Children Cope with Depression

When Devon Met Oz: Helping Children Cope with Depression

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by Drs. Don, Magy Martin, Erin Martin illustrated by Aaron Farash

One sunny day in the park, “Oz”, a boxer dog, meets Devon, a seven-year-old boy who is feeling both sad and angry. He sleeps often and doesn’t eat. He worries about his school work, the idea that he’s bad at sports and feels the other kids don’t like him. Oz soon starts to follow Devon home so he can make Devon’s family aware that the boy needs help.

As many as six million children and adolescents suffer from depression, and the rate is on the rise. Through this gentle, touching tale of the growing friendship between a lonely boy and a caring dog, the authors notably point out the signs and feelings of childhood depression while offering reassuring advice and important tips for both children and parents on seeking out and finding help.

Paperback, 48 pages, ISBN: 9780882823041

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Publisher: New Horizon Press
ISBN: 9780882823041
Recommended Ages: Not specified. See product description.
Choking hazard - small parts - not for children 3 years or under

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