Trace My Face: Autism Spectrum Coloring Book

Trace My Face: Autism Spectrum Coloring Book

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Color My Eyes Trace My Face is a POCKET SIZED coloring book and activity book with black and white photos of faces.

This book is designed to help people on the autism spectrum to overcome their fear of making eye contact in order to help them to be more comfortable with looking at people’s faces.

Color My Eyes Trace My Face is a powerful little book that taps into the user's natural curiosity while reprogramming the brain to be able to develop a more natural perception of social interaction and sympathy.

If a person is only interested in objects, and does not give any attention to the faces of the people around him, he is not going to understand the connection between facial expressions and emotions.

Usually babies and children study the face of their family members and care givers when they interact with others. People with autism give their attention to interesting objects and avoid looking at the face of other people. It is especially difficult to make eye contact. This gentle little book takes the fear and discomfort out of the process while sparking interest in the human face and encouraging social understanding.

A person on the autism spectrum is not going to learn the meaning of human expressions in a natural way. If he is unwilling to look at people when they are speaking he will not naturally learn how to move his mouth to form sounds and use a normal tone of voice when speaking. This will cause problems in language development and speech delays. This is why Color My Eyes Trace My Face has the child study the faces of people and animals.

The person using the book should look at the face and consider how the person or animal is feeling. They will color the eyes in order to become more comfortable with eye contact. They will identify more than 60 different facial expressions and emotions.

This book includes animal faces and human faces TO TRACE AND COLOR, various races, ages, children with disabilities, braces, and Down Syndrome and many facial expressions, people interacting~ like a mom looking at her newborn baby or people laughing together.

If you are a parent using this book with a child feel free to allow your child to choose what pages he or she wants to use first. The child should work on one face per day. Be sure to talk with your child about feelings, try to make the face the person or animal is making in the photo.

The ultimate goal is for the person with autism to develop an interest in human faces so they can begin to understand and enjoy the other people in their life. In the process they will also become more comfortable, sympathetic, friendly and expressive in their interaction with others.

Other ways to get your child to look at you:

  • Play the "No blinking game" stare at each other and try not to blink.
  • Make funny faces and try to get the child to guess if you are making a happy, sad, silly, scared or angry face.
  • Talk about eye color. Try to remember what color eyes everyone has.
  • Encourage the child to play peek-a-boo with babies.
  • Exaggerate your facial expressions.
  • Make faces together in the mirror.

Additional Product Info

Publisher: Not specified
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9781539676447
Page count: 202
Recommended Ages: Ages 3 through Adult
Grade Level: Grades PK+
Choking hazard - small parts - not for children 3 years or under

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