STEAM for the School Counselor with CD

STEAM for the School Counselor with CD

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by Teshia Stovall Dula EdS

Grades K-8. Today’s students might one day work in careers that have not yet been developed. They will need to be creators, innovators, mathematicians, artists, scientists, and engineers. Today’s students, more than any previous generation, will be challenged to solve problems, gather and evaluate information, and cultivate new technologies. 

STEAM for the School Counselor is based on the premise that the majority of 21st century careers will require Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math skills. Each lesson involves project- and problem-based learning. Students usually work in groups that are given a problem to solve as a team. While working together, they build problem-solving skills, research and form ideas, and practice presentation, collaboration, and communication. 

The program offers 60 activities including:

  • Science in Counseling Activities
  • The Amazing Scavenger Hunt
  • Anger Management Tornado
  • Repairing Friendship
  • Careful Observation ... plus eight more!

Technology in Counseling Activities

  • PowerPoint Collaborative Story Book
  • Bully Bustin’ Quiz Show
  • Class Kidblog
  • Digital Career Books  ... plus eight more!

Engineering in Counseling Activities

  • Five Minute Challenge
  • Community of Blocks
  • Emotional Roller Coaster
  • Cooperation Tower ... plus eight more!

Art in Counseling Activities

  • Following Directions with Fabric Paint
  • Our Class Masterpiece
  • Worry Dolls
  • My Life on a Clock ... plus eight more!

Mathematics in Counseling Activities

  • Math and Me
  • Geometric Vest
  • Patterns Patterns Everywhere!
  • Cooperation Math Line-Up ... plus eight more!

With simple and clear directions, STEAM for the School Counselor allows professional school counselors to quickly and effectively integrate the activities into their individual work with students, small-group activities, or core curriculum lesson plans.

Paperback, 120 pages, ISBN: 9781575433172

Additional Product Info

Publisher: Marco Products
ISBN: 9781575433172
Page count: 120
Recommended Ages: Ages 5 through 13
Grade Level: Grades K through 8
Choking hazard - small parts - not for children 3 years or under

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