• Who Are You Thumball
      A fun little ball that's great for groups or family therapy. Use as an icebreaker or a game. There a..
      $11.99 $12.99
    • Spanish Ice Breaker Thumball
      A great warm-up ball in Spanish. Mi Dia y Yo (Me & My Day). Great ice breaking, rapport building, an..
      $13.99 $14.99
    • School Days Thumball
      Players share stories about school memories to get acquainted. Reminisce about the old days from lun..
    • Tell All Thumball
      Smaller-sized 4" ThumballThrow it. Catch it. Respond to the panel under your thumb. Share stories an..
      $11.99 $12.99
    • Best, Worst and First Thumball
      Compare and contrast life events with each other. Share stories about best, worst or first memories...
    • Who Do You Know Thumball
      Larger-sized 6" Thumball.Who Do You Know? Thumball is the great way for groups of people to share an..
      $14.99 $15.99
    • Meet & Greet Thumball
      Players toss the ball and respond to the panel under their thumb. Share ideas, experiences and perso..
      $14.99 $16.99
    • Entertainment Talk Thumball
      Players share their opinions of favorite films, books, and TV shows in a fun, stimulating way. Use E..
    • People Places & Things Thumball
      Smaller 4" size. For teens and adults. Catch the ball and respond to the prompt under your thumb. Th..